Don’t listen to Lungu! Musenge advises Miners.

Copper Miner
Copper Miner

The National Democratic Congress NDC is aware that President Edgar Lungu will be on the copper belt for a three day working visit.

Lungu’s visit to the mining hub is purely political and should therefore not be wrapped as an official undertaking.

Lungu will be on the copper belt purely to test the Waters and his political fortune’s.

The truth is, these political fortunes have dwindled and he should not doubt the intelligence reports that he is receiving.

The Pf on the copper belt is cheating Lungu that he is popular. The truth is, cadre’s want to eat and prey on the spoils Lungu is taking to the copper belt.

Lungu knows very well that not all is rosy in the province for the Pf.

During this visit, they will be a number of stage-managed defections and unpopular political pronouncements.

Lungu is also scheduled to meet ex-miner’s and avail them fake offer letters for land.

We want to advise miner’s not to listen to Lungu and his cohorts.

President Lungu is clearly a big disappointment to those in the extractive sector.

The problems ex-miners are facing are well documented.

Lungu usually makes political pronouncements without taking action.

So, it is pointless for the Pf leader to pretend that he cares for miners.

If Lungu indeed cares for miners, why are miners still the most abused and underpaid in the country?

Two days ago, employees from Mopani Cooper Mines MCM were offered a seven percent pay rise.

Lungu and his Minister’s have remained mute on this slave pay hike.

And today, Lungu wants to pretend that he cares for miners. No, he doesn’t.

Lungu and his cronies have deals with the mines and are therefore compromised.

That is the more reason they can’t effectively talk for miners.

To our colleague’s in the mining sector, we sympathize with you.

Lungu will give out huge sums of money to leader’s representing miners. But this won’t work out. The Pf is finished on the copper belt and lungus visit is in vain.

As NDC, we urge Cooper belt residents to show Lungu that he has no political following. Simply shun his meetings.

Issued by: Mwenya Musenge. NDC Secretary General.