UNZA and CBU must OPEN or the minister’s office be closed too – Pilato


Thank you minister for giving us those half cooked excuses…..now its time to OPEN the 2 universities. When you mess with our education you are messing with the future of our country and we will not tolerate that.


Higher Education Authority. wrote: Over 97% of Students Get Loans to Pursue Higher Education

The Government of the Republic of Zambia has funded over 11, 384 students to pursue further education and training in the country.

Speaking during a media briefing, Minister of Higher Education, Professor Nkandu Luo M.P., said that for the 2017/2018 academic year, 97.3% and 71.80% of those that applied for loans at the University of Zambia (UNZA) and the Copperbelt University (CBU), respectively, have been awarded loans to pursue their studies.

Despite Government’s efforts to ensure maximum assistance in the pursuit of higher education, Professor Luo explained that, in UNZA’s case, 100% could not be achieved as 62 of the applicants were ineligible due to 40 of them being accepted into parallel programmes, while 14 were children of members of staff, thus, could not be considered because they were under the tuition waver.

As for CBU, the Minister explained that 222 applicants had not met the set requirements, and, despite being eligible, 913 applicants could not be awarded loans due to budgetary constraints.

Therefore, this meant that the total numbers of loans awarded for UNZA and CBU were 2,172 and 2,890, respectively.

Furthermore, for the 2018/2019 academic year, over 4, 612 students have been awarded scholarships across all the Technical Education, Vocational Training and Entrepreneurship Training (TEVET) institutions in the country.

Professor Luo emphasised that the Government would continue to award more TEVET bursaries to rural students in order to ensure more skills development and poverty reduction in areas where it was critically needed.

“Of the 4, 612 students that have been awarded TEVET scholarships, 31% are female 69% are male,” Professor Luo said.

Moreover, in the Government’s continued efforts in the Support to Science and Technology Education (SSTEP) Project, 1,710 scholarships have been offered in colleges to this effect. The SSTEP Project aims to help improve the quality and relevance of skills development levels in Zambia for job creation and youth employability,

Thus, the Government of the Republic of Zambia has capacitated over 11, 384 students to pursue further education and training to be able to effectively contribute to the achievement of Vision 2030 and the Seventh National Development Plan.

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This article was written on 5th February, 2018, by Birbal Boniface Musoba, Information, Education and Communication (IEC) Officer.

*Other information in the article retrieved from www.qfmzambia.com.