Secondary School student reports headteacher to the police for assault

Police Commissioner Charity Katanga
Police Commissioner Charity Katanga

A NINETEEN-YEAR-OLD pupil of Luanshya’s Roan Secondary School has reported her head teacher to the police for assault.
Copperbelt Police Commissioner Charity Katanga said Christine Mwansa, a pupil at Roan Secondary School, reported to the police that her head teacher, Albert Chimuka, aged 49, slapped and assaulted her.
Ms Katanga said the circumstances surrounding the matter were that Ms Mwansa was asked by Mr Chimuka if she had done her punishment but she remained quiet, a move which angered her head teacher.

She said no arrest had been made but police had instituted investigations into the matter.
“We have received a report of assault occasioning actual bodily harm in which Christine Mwansa, aged 19, of 237/10 Roan town and a pupil at Roan Secondary School reported that she was assaulted by her headmaster Albert Chimuka, 49, of 26 Ngwe Road, Luanshya central,” she said.

Meanwhile, a 46-year-old Neelkanth employee had his hand trapped and cut off while trying to remove a stone from a roller in the course of his duty.
Ms Katanga said Patrick Chambanji, a welder, reported for work and the accident happened while he was in the night shift.
She said the victim was nursing injuries at Ndola Teaching Hospital.
“We have received an industrial accident which happened at Neelkanth in which a welder had his hand cut off while on duty,” Ms Katanga said. “The man is nursing injuries at Ndola Teaching Hospital.”