We are laughing at the panic and fear that has gripped the Opposition and some sections of the media following our launch of the 2018 Party Mobilization Programme targeting all Patriotic Front structures across the Country.

We can confirm that what the Opposition has witnessed in Luapula Province as part of our Party mobilization must remind them of our popularity and capacity to regroup, mobilize and relaunch. While UPND’s card renewal exercise went ahead uninterrupted, no one alleged that the Opposition Party in red regalia had kicked off its campaigns and neither was the Patriotic Front bothered because it was of no consequence.

To allay any fears by the Opposition and some sections of the media, we must state that the on-going Party mobilization programme is aimed at reinvigorating party structures across the country as the Party remains Zambia’s vehicle for improved service delivery and development. Our structures play a very important part in the Party’s mobilization and recruitment drive. They are the heartbeat of the Party.

We wish to send a word of comfort to the Opposition that the Patriotic Front has not kicked off its campaigns because elections are still far off in 2021. We are in no hurry to kick off any campaigns because once we do, the nation will be informed. As the nation is aware, our 2021 will be about bringing evidential proof of the works we would have accomplished by then in line with our 2016-2021 election manifesto.

When the time for campaigns is here, Patriotic Front shall report on our works to the electorate while the Opposition will be preoccupied with fake allegations of corruption intended to discredit our delivery. The Opposition can be assured that no matter the level of allegations they make, Patriotic Front under the leadership of President Edgar Lungu remains unstoppable in its quest to transform Zambia for the better!

Sunday Chanda – PF Media Director