12 year old girl killed by a crocodile on Zambezi river


Enala Sikoongo,a grade 4 pupil at Bbakasa primary school was on 30th January 2018 killed by a crocodile in the Zambezi river.The girl aged 12 went to fetch water when the incident happened.

Both marine and National parks and wildlife officers have been directed to hunt for the crocodiles that have continued killing people in the district.The body was retrieved and has been buried.

Parents in Siavonga district have always been advised to stop their children from swimming and fetching water from both the Lake & river.

The incidents of children being attacked by crocodiles may continue unless parents stop their children from going near the lake.

I’m still appealing to our teachers to continue educating our pupils against going near the lake,am yet to meet the school management at Bbakasa primary school on the death of this girl.

I’m therefore directing pupils in Siavonga from today onwards to disobey their parents if asked to fetch water on the lake and Zambezi river.

Lovemore Kanyama-Siavonga DC

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