Minister of Health, Hon. Dr Chitalu Chilufya

MANSA. TUE. JAN 30. 2018

“Remember in the past, Before PF formed government, that Mansa General Hospital only had 6 doctors. Today it can proudly boast of having 30 doctors.”

Minister of Health, Hon. Dr Chitalu Chilufya has assured the People of Mansa and Luapula in general of the PF Party’s commitment to see to it that development was brought to the area.

The Minister gave an example of Mansa general hospital which had no sufficient equipment nor enough Medical personnel before the PF came into office.

“When we came into power, there where only 6 doctor’s. Today, we have 30 . In the past there wasn’t enough machines and hospital equipment. Today, the hospital can boast of medical and surgical equipment. ” He said.

He stated that this was because of the love, concern and Care that President Lungu has for the people of Luapula Province.

“Ba Edgar Lungu balitusakamana. Batupela nefipatala, ba tusumbula. Fwebena Kapesha, Fwebena Sumbu, Fwebena Maiteneke. Ngamwamona ifi patala balitupangila kulya. Umulandu wakutila efyo bamilaile.” He said.

And Hon. Chilufya stated that infrastructure development did not end at hospitals but extended to the road network in the area.

” Ngamwamona imi sebo, twalitampa ukubombelapo muno mu Mansa. Takwaliko Chitamba road. Takwaliko St. Clement’s Rd. Batila Ichikwanka, bachimwena kuma Mpalanya . Elo Akanani, Kantu Kali Pa Bwali. Ala bane, Kateka ulipo nyuyuwine. Kateka alipo, Ni Ba Edgar Chagwa Lungu.” He said.

He stated that the development which was being witnessed was unprecedented.

“Ubuyantanshi tulemona Kuno, tatwabumwenepo in the past. Market pa down UB, twalichita terminate contract iyaulya ashalebomba. Bakesa pwilikisha abaishiba ukubomba imilimo. There is another Market. Inter City terminus which we are constructing. Look at the health posts, look at the Schools. We have Secondary schools we are building here. Other Schools we are upgrading. The development projects we are working on are indeed too numerous to itemise.” He said.

“As for the Women in the Markets. As for the Youths, we have several empowerment programs lined up for you to improve your standard of living.” He assured them.

” In conclusion, I wish to thank you most sincerely and profoundly for choosing President Lungu and for choosing us as Your representatives in parliament. You made the correct choice. And we are grateful. I assure you, we will not disappoint you.” He added.

The Minister was speaking on arrival at Mansa Airport this Morning.