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NDC members
NDC members

Award miners decent pay rise – MWENYA MUSENGE

We shall name and shame Union officials who received bribes!
~Mwenya Musenge breaths Salvo.

Tuesday 30.01.2018.

The National Democratic Congress NDC is disappointed that salary negotiations for improved salaries and other perks for unionized miners at Mopani Copper Mines MCM on the copper belt have hit a snug.

NDC Secretary General Mwenya Musenge has further described as a mockery the six percent pay rise that Mopani is offering its workers.

Mr. Musenge said the NDC is disappointed with the salary talks because it is clear that some named union leader’s were allegedly bribed so as to compromise the salary negotiations.

Mr. Musenge has since threatened to disclose the names of the labor leader’s who allegedly received bribes from MCM if salary talks won’t resume in the next couple of days.

The NDC Secretary General had a forth night ago hinted to the nation that Mopani mines management had allegedly convened a secret meeting where some labour leaders where promised ransoms should unions agree to a six percent salary hike for miners.

Mr. Musenge said it is sad that miners have continued getting peanuts when metal prices on the international market had swelled and reached its perk in all times.

The NDC Secretary general is urging all corrupt Union leaders to resign on moral grounds least he will name them if they fail to get back to the bargaining table.

Mr. Musenge said the NDC in Government will ensure that all miners have a better pay.

He said the NDC is extremely aggrieved that miners are living like destitute’s in their own country.

He said time is not lost as miner’s have up until 2021 to mobilise themselves and vote for the NDC a party of first choice.

Mr. Musenge is urging miners to go flat out and help spread the NDC to all localities because the NDC, cares for their welfare.

The NDC has information on when and where some named union leader’s met to discus their botched plan to award miner’s a merger six percent pay rise.

Mr. Musenge said the proposed pay rise is a mockery to the general work force in the country.

He wonder’s why government has been conspicuously quite over the uneconomical pay rise that Mopani is offering its workers.

NDC Media Team.