Short of time, Lusaka woman hides boyfriend under bed


A LOCAL court in Lusaka heard how a married woman hid her lover under the bed after her husband who went to spend a night at a funeral returned home unexpectedly.

This was heard in the Matero Local Court in a case in which Alex Sichone, 25, a businessman of Chipata compound sued Patson Mwansa, 27, of the same compound, alleging that he committed adultery with his wife, Ruth Kanjenje, 24.

Sichone told Senior Court Magistrates Miyanda Banda, Pauline Newa, and Ronnie Shafwensha that he married Kanjenje in 2015 and that dowry was not paid.

He explained that On January 1, 2018 he went to the funeral of a relative to spend a night there but fortunately he developed diarrhoea and rushed home.

“After Kanjenje opened the door for me, I was shocked to find Mwansa hiding under the bed,” said Sichone.

In defence, Sichone said that he proposed love to Kanjenje and that she told him she was not married and was staying at her sister, adding that she gave him her phone number.

He explained that on New Year‘s Day, she phoned him and told him to come home at 21:00 hours but after he arrived, a short time later Sichone came.

‘’I asked Kanjenje that she told me she was not married but she said I should hide under the bed because it was a one-room house.  When Sichone wanted to get a basin under the bed, he found me,’’ said Mwansa.

Asked by Sichone if he did not see his clothes or photos, Mwansa said that he just stayed for a short time and he arrived.

Asked by the court if he made love to Kanjenje, Mwansa said that he did not make love to her and that it was the first time he went to her house.

Kanjenje sent people into laughter when she testified that Sichone is her boyfriend because he did not pay dowry and that they have been staying together since 2015, adding that Mwansa is also her boyfriend.

She testified that in December 2017 Mwansa proposed love to her and that she accepted adding that they were communicating.

She testified that on New Year’s Day when Sichone went to a funeral, she phoned Mwansa and told him to come home but they did not do anything because after a short time Sichone also came.

She testified that she told Mwansa to hide under the bed.

The court said that it was true Mwansa was found under the bed of Sichone’s house and that even if they did not do anything with Kanjenje people will think that something happened.

The court dismissed the case because Sichone did not pay dowry and was, therefore, cohabiting with Kanjenje.