Cornelius Mweetwa challenged over missing earth moving equipment

GBM in Lubansenshi Constituency in Luwingu, with my colleagues Hon Cornelius Mweetwa and Hon Garry Nkombo


Aspiring Choma central member of Parliament Joe Muchindu has challenged Choma UPND lawmaker Cornelius Mweetwa to explain what happened to the earth moving equipments procured in 2012.

Speaking when he featured on Choma Maanu radio station’s “Cikoye vuna linso ” program this morning ( January 27th),Muchindu said Mweetwa was allover boasting of having achieved the buying of graders that have not reached Choma since 2012.

He said roads are in a dilapidated state and the lawmaker can not explain why the said graders have not reached the council.

Muchindu said the same way Mweetwa used to sing about these graders should be the same way he must explain why the equipments are missing.

He further emphasized that Mweetwa grabbed land that was earmarked for a modern market in Choma.

Muchindu stressed that the said land would have been utilized to allocate displaced street vendors for a modern market.

He charged if what he is saying is not true let the aggrieved sue him or report him to police.

Meanwhile says he sees nothing between Muchindu and Mweetwa apart from just cheap politics.

Reacting to the on going political battle between the two,Positive Action on Human Rights ,Freedom and Development officer Bright Jalila says Its a known fact the latter (Muchindu)wants the office currently held by the former(Mweetwa), hence incapable to talk good of the friend.

He stressed that the difference between the two is on political offices and not really land or other issues being raised .

Mr.Jalila stressed that Land may be brought in as a tool to canvass support in the one man political fight.

He urged the duo to find better way of doing things than character assassination.

Jalila further said he neither supports any of the two but just giving an independent observation.

Choma central member of Parliament Cornelius Mweetwa has faced serious criticism from his opponent Joe Muchindu where he is accused of grabbing land at Humba compound which was meant for a modern market.

A check at the council by local media recently , reviewed that Mweetwa followed the right procedure in acquiring land.

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