PF to distribute bicycles, cars, motorbikes to each Constituency

Edgar Lungu
Edgar Lungu

Chama district, Monday, January 22, 2018.

On day three of his Muchinga tour of duty, His Excellency, President Edgar Chagwa Lungu this morning travelled to Chama district where he met traditional leaders to discuss the welfare of the people living in their chiefdom, toured the Chama main market and addressed 22 Councillors, Party officials from the Wards, Constituencies and the entire district leadership.

In addressing the party officials, the Head of State took the opportunity to remind the members of Parliament of the value of Ward officials who should be given the centre stage in delivering development to the district as well as in getting feedback on the demands of the people.

“Let me have all the 22 Councillors stand up. Confirm each councillor is in attendance. (Confirmed) . Let me have all the 22 Ward Chairmen stand up. All 22 of you, count yourselves. Let me see all elected officials at ward level, please stand up. Are you able to account for your committee members! (Affirmative) THIS IS THE PARTY….

“MPs come here. The 2 of you. I want to teach you some politics. Those people you see there; the district and constituency officials owe their lives from these people here and the councillors (pointing at the Ward officials from across the district). You are MP for Chama North, you are MP for Chama South, I am President because of these people here. So please Comrades, *if you want to have a long life in politics, do not leave these people behind.*

“I understand that you have difficulties of transport, and as a political party, we are organising transport. Already we have started receiving Bicycles, we are waiting for Motor Vehicles; Cars and Vans to distribute to our party leadership. I know that we received Bicycles in Lusaka and each Constituency is being given 120 Bicycles. I don’t know if we have come with Bicycles for Chama North and South – can the Honourable Minister for State House confirm this,” asked the Head of State.

Hon Freedom Sikazwe then indicated that both members of Parliament for Chama North and South were communicated to and are scheduled to collect Bicycles for their constituencies next week.

“We said each Constituency for now, will receive 120 Bicycles….the idea is to keep the party alive. The party should not only come alive during campaigns when you are nearing the voting day, no. The message I have brought to you is that we have to continue working for the growth of the party because the party is the one that carries the vision that government is expected to implement; we were voted into power because people believed our promises as contained in the manifesto,” President Lungu reiterated.

AND the Head of State assured Chama district that the entire Muchinga region will not be left out on development.

“Work with your members of Parliament. Form Cooperatives and present your business ideas to them. It is time we empowered you. Please organise yourselves as party members. I am reminded of a Song, ilyo mulepala abana benu naifwe, mutupale (when blessing your Children, bless us also). We are in these offices of privilege and authority because of you. How then can we afford to fail or forget you! I promise you;
•The road from Matumbo to Chama will be completed,
•The Bridge at Kamemba will be done before 2021,
•I promise you the road from Chama to Lundazi will be done,
•The roads in Chama South are being done,
•I have just received confirmation that before 2020, the whole of Chama district will be connected to the electricity grid,
•I have instructed the Ministers of General Education and Housing and Infrastructure to expedite the completion of the Schools under construction here,
•You need communication towers.
We have transformed the entire Chama district; we now have electricity here, decent accommodation, an excellent road network and we will do much more,” he assured.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Health Hon. Chitalu Chilufya who is in the company of the Republican President together with the provincial minister Hon Malozo Sichone and the Minister for Livestock and Fisheries Hon Michael Katambo disclosed during the meeting with party officials that government has deployed an additional 2 Doctors and 15 Nurses to the newly constructed Chama district Hospital.

He further stated that government would immediately embark on the construction of 11 Health Posts in Chama district.

“We have Contractors coming through to Chama between 30 January and 7 February, 2018 to Construct a further 11 Health Posts for Chama North and South.

“You all bear witness that His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu came here to Chama to commission the district Hospital. In that Hospital, we have deployed an additional 15 Nurses and 2 Doctors who are on the way to settle at our district Hospital here. Efilya batila ati, ichikwanka, bachimwena kumampalanya.

“Evidently, the one who has capacity to work for you and handle you challenges can be noticed from their past good deeds. Your party has already delivered on its promise to build for you a district Hospital and a quality road network among other things, that should already be an example our the PF government’s capacity and leadership to deliver what we had promised,” said Dr. Chilufya.

The Head of State is on a Four-Day Muchinga tour of duty that has so far seen him inspect government projects, meet traditional leaders and engage Ward party officials in *Chinsali, Lavushimanda, Kanchibiya, Chama and Mafinga districts. He is tomorrow morning expected in Shiwang’andu district.*