What will Minister of Religion say to God? – Laura Miti

Water - child - Laura Miti photo

We have a cholera response that has not tackled even one structural problem. Nothing said about toilets in informal settlements, markets & the CBD, nothing about a functional garbage collection system or the debilitating water shortages all over Lusaka. Stunning for me is the failure to address the immediate humanitarian needs of vendors. Not a single minister has mentioned the hunger that must be ravaging the homes of people who are not selling or shown that anyone in government is concerned about the simple – what are they eating – question. But we must fast & pray.

I really would like to know what the Minister of Religion wants us to say to God. Please come down and tell us how we will ensure that, from now on, all waste is collected timeously. And yes, do bring down angels to construct a few toilets. Calm the pangs of our hungry, so that they do not riot. You, dear God, should do all that while we move your hand by fasting and prayer.