Edgar Lungu to fire Corrupt Ministers

Edgar Lungu 2018-01-14
Edgar Lungu 2018-01-14

In his latest media audio released message, President Edgar Lungu could be heard stating that corruption is widespread and rampant amongst his Cabinet ministers and he was and he has been promoted and elected by the electorate to fire and hire erring and corrupt ministers.

He also condemned the lax attitude by the ACC for failure to curb the rising Vice and said officers in such institutions were taking advantage of constitutional protection.

The narrative is as follows:

“Let me spell out my concerns, lately I’ve seen an increase in acts of corruption amongst our people”

“We have integrity committees at places of work and Ministries but they are not working”

“I have seen deposits in peoples accounts, huge amounts on a daily basis, for people who are not in Industry, business, Commerce or trade. It shows that there is something wrong here”

“Desist, keep away, refrain because very soon, I will be firing people, I will be firing Cabinet Ministers”.

“There is so much corruption, so much corruption that you can smell it”

“I think enough is enough, I can’t take this anymore, whether you are a big fish or small fish because you are just but one person”.

“I will be calling the individuals concerned one by one, to tell them about my recent findings on the actual corruption amongst my cabinet Ministers”.

“I will not wait for the Anti-Corruption Commission I will
send you packing”.

“By the way, what has happened at the ACC, there are not doing anything. Previously they used to bring reports about that man, that woman to the President. We only heard about ZNFU corruption because the owners of that money cried foul”

“ACC are supposed to tell us when things are not going on properly, give us a red flag, a yellow flag”.

“ what I see is that they have gone to sleep, I think they are used to being abused by the head of state!”

“But what can I do? some of them are protected by the constitution and I can’t touch them even with a 5meter pole or a bambo stick”

“The constitution protects them even with their inefficiencies “

“The only people I can fire is the Police, Army Commander, Airforce Commander but these others are protected by the Constitution and their positions are sacrosanct, protected and cast in concrete”.

“Our people are suffering over-pricing (of goods and services) in Ministries and other departments”.

“Madam Minister of Lands(and Natural Resources), how many of your officers have built mansions and are driving posh cars and so on?”.

Corruption is not only when there are Ministers involved but Directors, clerks and others”