Rebellious Kasama street vendors ‘surrender’

Defiant Kasama street vendors ‘surrender’
Defiant Kasama street vendors ‘surrender’

Rebellious Street vendors in Kasama have finally relocated to designated trading places following Jan 10th effecting of operation sanity.

The vendors, who on Monday vowed to remain on the streets, gave-up their ‘rebelliousness’ in fear of a combined team of defence forces, security wings, council and district commissioner’s office that steered a clean-up in town.

And a check by a Mono News Crew at Chikumanino Market, one of the designated trading places, found scores of former street vendors jostling for plots for building a trading booth.

However, the ex-street vendors charge that the council would have first cleared and gravelled the new trading place to make it conducive.

Meanwhile, the operation sanity which has been received with mixed feelings has entered day-two on Jan 11th with major works being the collection of remains from the demolished makeshift stalls.

The clean-up in Kasama is being effected as a preventive measure to the deadly cholera disease which has broken out in the country’s capital, Lusaka and other towns.