No recorded cholera case in Luanshya Town

Luanshya Mayor Nathan Chanda
Luanshya Mayor Nathan Chanda

Luanshya Municipal Council wishes to inform residents and other stakeholders that Luanshya town has not recorded any cholera case.

The Council is also warning residents and local social media bloggers to desist from making alarming statements about issues relating to cholera in the mining town.

We wish to categorically state that any alarming and unjustified statement about cholera, which is a deadly contagious disease which kills its victims within hours, has adverse effects on the town’s social and economic wellbeing.

As a local authority we will not hesitate to deal with alarmist and demagogues who will be found wanting in accordance with the provision of the law.
In the last two decades Luanshya town has never recorded and case of cholera.

And Luanshya Mayor Nathan Chanda has urged resident to adopt a change of mindset and not relent in their keeping their surroundings clean and preventing the spread f cholera. While he appreciates the efforts done in the fight against cholera, he feels “clean companign” should be a common feature in our families and workplaces. Today, we are cleaning our markets and streets but once the cholera issue is put to rest our minds not attended to, we are likely to get back to our old ways of uncleanness. Therefore, change of our mindsets towards cleanliness is the way forward.

Mr Chanda has also thanked President Edgar Lungu, and the government for taking a swift cholera prevention intervention which has resulted in the drastic fall in the spread of cholera cases in the different parts of the country which recently recorded cases of the outbreak of the disease.

The Luanshya Mayor also appealed to the opposition not to politicise the outbreak of cholera.

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