Whistle blowers must be encouraged to report corruption – Mumbi Phiri

Lucky Mulusa
Lucky Mulusa

Lusaka, Zambia, 3rd January 2018

The Patriotic Front (PF) takes this opportunity to wish Zambians from all walks of life a happy 2018 and looks ahead to a more united nation. We had our successes as well as setbacks. We had misunderstandings and political challenges. Through it all, we remain united as a people determined to realize the Zambian Dream as pronounced in our National Anthem “A Land of Work and Joy in Unity, All One, Strong and Free”. To realize this dream, the Patriotic Front has a social contract with the Zambian people through which we seek not to leave any Citizen behind. This we have continued to demonstrate through the various development we have taken to different parts of the Country without segregating between our strongholds and those that might not be.

At this point, it is important to observe that the outbreak of Cholera demands all of us as stakeholders, including all our citizens, to pause and ask what we are doing to contributing to promoting hygiene in our compounds and cities. We have neighbouring Countries like Rwanda that have made it as part of their national culture to continuously clean their surroundings. 53 years after Independence, Zambia must not wait for a wake-up call in the name of a Cholera epidemic to keep our cities clean. Echoing the remarks by His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu, the Patriotic Front is making a clarion call to Councils and the entire political leadership to sit up and ensure we do not have a recurrence of Cholera outbreaks. Our hearts and prayers go out to those who have lost their loved one and everyone affected by the epidemic.

Contrary to assertions in some sections of society, let me reassure that the Patriotic Front does not and will not condone any form of corruption. In our fight against corruption as Patriotic Front, Zambians can be assured that there are no sacred cows because we understand the weight of responsibility that comes with our people-given mandate to govern. In this regard, we want to invite all members of the public with information also known as whistle blowers to tender in any evidence of any corruption with the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC). We must have faith in our own institutions and ACC was established to deal with any form of corruption. Whistle blowers must therefore be encouraged to report any such corrupt occurrences to responsible institutions that have the mandate to investigate and prosecute. This is where we call on our law enforcement agencies to find ways of focusing on the merits and demerits of any reported corrupt activities. Patriotic Front stands ready to stand with these important institutions because it is opposed to any form of corruption.

The year 2018 presents great opportunities which we must not lose sight of as a Country. In this year we must witness the emerging of a pool of young entrepreneurs while supporting the existing ones. In 2018 we must witness more prudent management of resources and ensure that those cited of misapplication in the Auditor General’s Report are punished by the law. This year should see more expanded service delivery in all the ten (10) Provinces of our country. We must not lose sight of the projects we have set to execute because we have a duty to transform our country’s landscape for the better.

The Patriotic Front therefore commits to ensure the promises of its 2016-2021 election manifesto are implemented without compromise, the seventh national development plan goals and objectives are realized and of course guided by the Country’s blue-print, the Vision 2030. In this regard, the Patriotic Front is calling on all Zambians to put a shoulder to the wheel if the benefits of our economic progression are to trickle down to the masses. As we scale up our social cash transfer, Patriotic Front will continue to do more in line with its pro-poor character.

We must ensure that we double our efforts in achieving food security for every household as well as find ways to make agriculture a more profitable venture for our hardworking farmers. We must remove things that do not work or those that hamper effective delivery of farming inputs and focus on things that work. We must reverse the devastating effect of unemployment on individuals, families and communities. This is one of the objectives of our 2016-2021 election manifesto.

In the year 2018, we look at our laws not through partisan lenses and make the desired amendments which will make our democracy more functional must build on the constitutional values of our democracy and human rights. We therefore call on our Members of Parliament from all Political Parties to rise to the occasion and ensure our laws are sound and in tandem with our democratic aspirations as a Country.

Let me end by assuring the membership of the Patriotic Front that your movement is strong and vibrant – it remains true to its founding ideals as the Boat. We may have challenges and minor setbacks but be assured that your Party the Patriotic Front has always made a rebound. Our resilient and enduring spirit has seen us rising above every challenge, regrouping and relaunching as a united force. There are those who seek our fall and it is the constitutional duty of every member of the Party to defend the movement from such agendas. Let me also inform the membership that the Party is in the process of finalising its 2018-2021 strategic plan and there is no doubt that the heartbeat of such a document will the general membership – it is a plan dedicated to the members, to motivate and grow the Party’s membership base. The period under the plan will be characterised by heightened interface between the Party leadership and general membership to address concerns, challenges and opportunities. Such interface will not be a one-off event but on-going process as we continue building the Party. There is therefore no need to panic, lets keep our eyes on the ball.

Signed By:
Mrs Mumbi Phiri
Deputy Secretary General – PATRIOTIC FRONT
Party Headquarters