DPP refers HH’s treason case to High Court

Zambia Police allow HH's wife Mutinta to visit him
Zambia Police allow HH's wife Mutinta to visit him

The Director of Public Prosecutions has given the go ahead for UPND President Hakainde Hichilema’s treason case to be taken to the High Court for trial.

In a certificate of committal to the High Court dated 3rd May,2017, signed by Deputy Chief State Advocate, Lusaka province Mirriam Matandala on behalf of the Director of Public Prosecutions presented to Magistrate David Simusamba when the matter came up this morning, the DPP states that the case is a proper case for trial by the High Court.

The committal of the treason case to the High Court could result in Mr Hichilema together with five of his co-accused being transferred to a maximum security prison for the duration of the trial.

Magistrate Simusamba had last week granted an application for an inquiry to ascertain whether the treason charge the UPND leader is facing can hold in court.

This was after the State and the defence team agreed to the preliminary of inquiry.



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