Zambia to legislate cheap tourism products

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Zambia says she will soon enact legislation that will enable local people access local tourism products cheaply.

Minister of Tourism Charles Banda says local tourism products are expensive for the local people because of the monopolies that players in the tourism and hospitality sector enjoy.

Mr. Banda was speaking at Bole International airport in Addis Ababa Ethiopia ahead of the 53rd UNWTO meeting to be held in Ethiopia.

He said once legislation was put in place, it was expected that local tourism will increase as people would be able to access local tourism products.

Mr. Banda noted that currently, lack of sti+ competition in the tourism and hospitality industry was disadvantaging local people because of monopolies in the two sectors.

Mr. Banda said Zambia has prioritized tourism as both an economic vehicle to help create employment for the youths.

He mentioned that government was putting up infrastructure to open up the Northern and Western tourism circuits which have alot of Tourism attractions.

Mr. Banda added that Zambia will also pursue eco-tourism as the country has unique cultural ceremonies that needed to be harnessed fully.
First Secretary (Press and Tourism)
Zambian Embassy
Addis Ababa, ETHIOPIA.