Bonny Kapeso
Bonny Kapeso

There’s no state of emergency in Zambia and therefore Bonny Kapeso should sober up and stop issuing threats to the people of Southern Province.

The people of Southern Province have been overly peaceful and calm since the arrest of UPND president, Hakainde Hichilema. It’s therefore shocking that Kapeso would issue such an alarming statement.

This statement by Kapeso instructing police in Southern Province to be in riot gear tomorrow is highly provocative and defies logic.

The people of southern province are already incensed with the incarceration of HH and asking police to arm themselves when there is no threat will just worsen the situation.

Instructing the police to “neutralise any forms of violence” is most likely going to fuel the temperament of the peaceful people of southern province.

For once, we urge Kapeso to be professional and not get over excited with his position.

As far as we are concerned, HH will be appearing in a Lusaka court and not in Southern Province. Instead of looking for trouble where there is none, ask the police command to transfer you to Lusaka where the treason case is being held.

The will of the people will always win over any forms of ammunition. You can shoot us, kill us, but you will not stop us.

Stanford Muleya



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