Police will use reasonable force – Kapeso

Bonny Kapeso
Bonny Kapeso


Southern Province Commissioner of Police Bonny Kapeso has warned people across the province to stay away from any acts of violence as police will not tolerate any lawlessness.

Speaking when he made an exclusive address to the province on Byta FM’s breakfast show Tuesday morning, Kapeso says police will use reasonable force to deal with anyone who will be found wanting.

Kapeso reveals that there are some reports across the province indicating that suspected United Party for National Development (UPND) members are planning to riot following reports that police officers in Lusaka last night raided their leader Hakainde Hichilema’s home.

The no nonsense Province Commissioner charges that police have intercepted a WhatsApp group message purported to be from UPND Southern Province Youth Chairperson Malambo Mweemba ordering youths from the opposition party to organize themselves for possible protests or riots.

Kapeso also discloses that police have impounded two Toyota Corolla cars registration numbers AJC 594 and ALJ 4098 that were on the road allegedly abandoned by the rioters.

He warns that he does not want to see people being admitted in Hospitals due to the force police will apply to people who will disobey police orders.

This morning, police used teargas to disperse suspected UPND cadres who blocked roads and burnt tyres on the Great North road demanding that police should immediately leave Hichilema’s House.

And the UPND Media Team alleges that heavily armed police officers broke the main gate of the home of Hichilema to gain entry and current reports are suggesting that police officers have since taken Hichilema to Woodlands police.

Meanwhile, business in Choma central town this morning came to a standstill as traders ran away from the teargas discharged by the Police.

There was a traffic jam due to panic by motorists who were trying to find their way out of the Central District Business (CBD).

According to an eye witness whose name has been withheld, Police arrived at Maamba bus station and started harassing a man who was found at a named shop.

The witness explains that the suspect was ordered to open the shop for police who suspected that it had some diesel which would be used for the riot but the man refused arguing that the shop does not belong to him.

Upon hearing this, police started beating up the man a situation that made on-lookers to attempt rescuing the victim.

The police however retaliated by discharging teargas at the people.

The named woman claims Police broke the door to the shop and collected a drum of Diesel and some containers of cooking oil.