Fire, probe Dora Siliya – Chiluba

Dora Siliya
Dora Siliya


New MMD Die Hard Youths National Coordinator Gerald Chiluba has called on Republican President Edgar Lungu to fire Agriculture Minister Dora Siliya so as to pave way for investigations in her involvement of the Maizegate scandal which has led to her counterpart from Malawi being fired.

New MMD Die Hard Youths National Coordinator Gerald Chiluba
New MMD Die Hard Youths National Coordinator Gerald Chiluba

Mr Chiluba who has taken over the controversial Youth wing of the MMD which has remained dormant after the now Copperbelt Minister Bowman Lusambo left the party said the Minister was cited in the report by the commission of enquiry in Malawi And should therefore be relieved of her duties so that the ACC can clear her of any wrong doing in the exportation of maize to Malawi.

He said the committee that found the Minister of Agriculture in Malawi  Dr George Chaponda guilty of wrong doing cited Ms Siliya to have aided him in the fraudulent activities.

“We the MMD Die Hard Youths would like to appeal to Edgar  Lungu to relieve Hon Dora Siliya from her duties to pave way for  investigations.

“Dora Siliya has been cited by the commission of enquiry report which was instituted in Malawi to investigate the transaction of maize between Zambia and Malawi, that she worked in collaboration with the now fired Minister of Agriculture in Malawi to sale maize at an exorbitant price.

“It is for this reason that we want to appeal to the conscious of his excellence president Edgar Chagwa Lungu to immediately relieve Dora Siliya from her duties with immediate effect,  as it is now a public secret that the minister was at the centre stage of this fraudulent transaction,” he said.

He further said not firing Ms Siliya has the potential of portraying the country as a corrupt nation hence eroding investor confidence.

“We want to further encourage the president to use his executive  powers to bring integrity and confidence in the government system because her active involvement in the matter as greater potential to portray Zambia as a corrupt nation thereby reducing investor confidence,” he said.

The committee which was tasked to investigate the importation of maize by the Malawi government from Zambia “found that in his wrongful endeavour, Hon. Dr. George Chaponda was aided by the Zambian Minister of Agriculture who instructed her Permanent Secretary to issue Transglobe with a maize export permit for 50, 000 MT when Transglobe did not legally qualify for one on account of not being a registered taxpayer in Zambia.”

Dr Chaponda who was recently found with millions of dollars stashed in his house has since been fired by the President of Malawi.

Gerald Chiluba meeting MMD National Secretary Raphael Nakacinda at the party Secretariat in Lusaka.