ICC membership is good for Human Rights in Zambia.

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The Southern African Center for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes (SACCORD) says Zambia should maintain its membership of the International Criminal Court.

Executive Director Boniface Cheembe says leaving the ICC will make Zambia cease being a leading democratic example on the African continent.

Mr Cheembe told QFM news that withdrawing from the ICC should not be an option, but pushing for reforms at the ICC if necessary.SACCORD ED 1

He adds that there is also no need for the country to hold a referendum on whether to withdraw membership from the ICC or not as some people are suggesting.

Mr Cheembe says just as a referendum was not necessary when Zambia joined the International Criminal Court, the country does not need to use a referendum to decide whether it should leave or remain a member of the ICC.

Mr. Cheembe has since welcomed President Edgar Lungu’s indication that the decision on whether to stay or leave the ICC will be subject to wide consultation.

And a Human Rights Lawyer says Zambia should not pull out from the International Criminal Court.

Moono Mapani says there is nothing to fear for the government to contemplate withdrawing from the ICC.

He says contrary to critics that the ICC is biased against African Leaders, the court has also prosecuted leaders from countries such as Bolivia and the former Yugoslavia.

Mr Mapani says remaining a member of the ICC is also good for the promotion of Human Rights in Zambia.