Mazhandu resurfaces under new name

Unlimited Gifts Limited
Unlimited Gifts Limited - Mazhandu

Following Governments decision to ground Mazhandu buses due to excessive accidents the family business has within a few days resurfaced under a new name Unlimited Gifts Limited.

The business name which is owned by the wife to Mazhandu was previously engaged in clothing but has now refocused it’s business to offer public service transport.

The buses first route are between Lusaka and Johannesburg.

Departure is on Thursday and Sunday at 09:00hrs.

The Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) on 1st February suspended the Road Service License for Mazhandu Family Bus Services.

Following a series of accidents with the latest resulting in the death of 10 people.

However, Mazhandu Family Bus Services have appealed to the Minister of Transport against the revocation of their licence.

And commenting on the appeal Minister of Transport Brian Mushimba said;
“….I advised and appealed to Mazhandu to join us in mourning the lives we lost in that gruesome accident versus focusing on their license at this time. I have just left one funeral house in chazanga and going to the next in new kasama.”