Mazhandu appeals suspension

Mazhandu Family Bus Service
Mazhandu Family Bus Service

Mazhandu Family Bus Services has appealed against the suspension of its licence by the Road Transport and Safety Agency-RTSA .


Company lawyer Tutwa Ngulube says the appeal has been lodged before the Minister of Transport and Communications.


Mr. Ngulube says the minister should allow the company to operate until investigations are concluded.


He says Mazhandu has not even been served with a notice of investigation.


Mr. Ngulube says only one driver was involved in an accident and wondered why all Mazhandu drivers have being affected.


He says the company should be allowed to operate and not allow other people suffer.


And a report by Road Transport and Safety Agency -RTSA -has revealed that the accident was caused by poor braking system on the Mazhandu Bus.


The report says this was caused by a leak from the diesel pipe forcing the diesel to leak on the brake pads.


And the Private and Bus Drivers Association President Josiah Mujuru has welcomed the ban on Mazhandu licence.


And a Tv2 News crew that checked at Intercity Bus terminals found Mazhandu offices locked and no Mazhandu bus was found.