Nevers Mumba Is Calling For UPND Convention

Hakainde Hichilema & Nevers mumba
Hakainde Hichilema & Nevers mumba

MMD National Secretary Raphael Nakacinda says Nevers Mumba the former Party President intends to borrow cadres from the opposition UPND to attend an illegal convention on March 19th,2017.

Speaking when he featured on Millennium Radio on Thursday Morning Mr Nakacinda said his Party has information that the embattled former Party leader is planing to go with UPND cadres to an illegal convention.

He wondered that maybe Dr. Mumba was calling for a UPND convention instead and was just wrongly calling it an MMD convention, and further warned the UPND that they may get a rude shock that the convention Dr. Mumba was calling with borrowed UPND members was to make himself president of UPND.

He added the UPND leadership will wake up to a rude shock to find out that the person they have embraced has created his own faction within the  UPND.

“We know Nevers Mumba and we believe that he is plotting to take take over the UPND, remember that this is the same person while serving as Republican Vice President called a press conference while President Mwanawasa was out of the country. Soon there will be a Hakainde faction and Nevers Mumba faction in the UPND.”

He warned Dr Mumba not to go through with his plans as doing so will be breaking the law which he assured him will land him in serious problems.

Mr Nakacinda said his former President should realize that he cannot continue to break the law with impunity because the law will break him.

He said in terms of party mobilization as the Chief Executive Officer of the Party he is the first to know if there are any movements in the Party and that no one has been mobilising members for the purported MMD convention.

He further doubted whether Dr Mumba had the financial capacity to hold a convention as no sponsor will be willing to support a masquerader and an illegality.

On political violence Mr Nakacinda said there are certain individuals in political circles who seem to attract violence wherever they go.

In an apparent reference to UPND Vice President Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba, Mr Nakacinda said it is  unfair to blame political parties when it is specific individuals who are violent.

He said before moving to the UPND from PF Mr Mwamba instigated violence in the PF to the extent that coffins were seen everyday in town and that since joining the UPND youths are openly moving without shirts portraying their muscle with pangas.

He urged the public to condemn people that have been using money to fan political violence by using political parties.


  1. Mumba will be quickly shown a door if he starts talking about a convention in upnd

  2. u v jst come u want convention in upnd ? don’t bring problems the way u did in mmd ,we are watching u nerves