Antonio Mwanza formally reports Mr Davies Mwila to the Police

Antonio Mwanza
Antonio Mwanza

IT’S OFFICIAL : I would like to inform the nation that I have this morning formally reported Mr Davies Mwila, PF Secretary General to the Police for his criminal utterances of inciting lawlessness and subversion of authority by instructing PF cadres to forcibly take over the running of markets and bus stations in kabwe.

I have formally lodged the complaint to the IG and I have given him a video recording of the Mr Mwila as prima facie evidence.

I have done my part as a patriotic citizen it’s now up to the law enforcement agencies to arrest and charge Mr Davies Mwila accordingly.

Antonio Mwanza


  1. Finally! Glad someone has taken the initiative. Can someone please put that loser Davies in Jail already?