President Donald Trump

Donald Trump President of the United States
Donald Trump President of the United States

Donald Trump won the US presidential election early this morning in a stunning victory that sent shockwaves around the world.

The Republican took the key swing states of Florida, North Carolina and Ohio early this morning, as he marched towards the White House.

In an extraordinary development, Mrs Clinton did not initially concede the election – but then later called Mr Trump to congratulate him on his victory.

The Republican surpassed expectations and confounded pollsters in Florida, where Mrs Clinton had been expected to win following a surge in the Hispanic vote.

Mrs Clinton’s hopes of a swift victory faded as the Republican picked up a series of states early on and maintained his momentum.


  1. God is great never despise a person at the end he can be your boss congratulations mr trump.

  2. Trump was meant to be by the power of our almighty. We can say what we want but the year and date was written already.

  3. I was wondering, US had elections yestaday and today they have a president while here in zambia it takes 5days to announce the winner! Y?