Wina exculpates President Lungu from term extension proposal


Vice President Inonge Wina says it is not President Edgar Lungu’s position to extend his current 5-year term of office by an additional two years.

Ms. Wina told Parliament during the vice president’s question time that it is also not the position of the PF Central Committee to extend President Lungu’s term of office to seven years.

She says it is in fact the first time that government is hearing of such a proposal.

Ms Wina states that when PF Central Committee member Paul Moonga held a media briefing to propose the extension of the term of office for elected officials to 7 years, he spoke on his own behalf.

She has told the House that this means that it is only Mr. Moonga who holds this position in the ruling party.

Ms. Wina however, states that like any other Zambian, Mr. Moonga has the right to his own opinion.

She was responding to a question by Monze central Member of Parliament Jack Mwiimbu who wanted to find out whether the PF supports the proposal by Mr Moonga.




  1. If u wr a President wat wud u have done..others failed to do things in 3years iyo,suggest positively

  2. Who ever is behind must be a shallow thinking chap. Rupiah Banda never did that and so why start something that does not make sense. There is no discipline in the party. What the party must focus on is easing the lives of citizens which is becoming unbearable. You cannot be asking the referee for extra time before the ninety minutes Finish the stipulated time and the extension will be determined by the scoreline. It is such low thinking by political party members that make people accuse them of rigging. I was expecting the President himself to speak on the matter and not the VEEP

  3. Gues its high time i realised dat dununa reverse had more meanin behind it..this economy is movin at a high speed backwards.

  4. If you know you can’t change the economy of Zambia in five years. Give up for others to work.

  5. Ultilize the time you have, a minute once ultilized propery is far better than 24hrs of poor planning.

  6. We know all this, that’s how it all starts, next we ‘ll hear the President has signed the bill into law.

  7. If they knw that they wil do the best according to wat they promised then let them work wthin 5yrs, if they wil please zambian pipo then they wil be voted into office again. osayopa ba pf this is wen u hav started the journey & u still have tym. dont ask for more time wen u hav enough time to work.

  8. Immediately he took over after Sata’s death Mr Lungu spend most of his short term campaigning and now that he has a full 5 year term let him not waste it trying to convince people that he goes for 7 years. Lets start work Mr. President.

  9. obama who has ruled his pipo very wel has failed to extend z term evn thor i voted 4 u apapena twakana as we ar tokin lodshedin has extended to 8hrs