PF official proposes a 7 year presidential term of office

Paul Moonga
Paul Moonga

Patriotic Front Member of the Central Committee Paul Moonga has proposed the extension of the tenure of office for elected officials from the current five to seven years.

Mr Moonga has told a media briefing held at the PF Secretariat today that the five-year tenure is insufficient for a President to implement most of his policies.

He adds that holding elections every five years has a negative impact on the economy.

Mr. Moonga who said he was speaking in his individual capacity explained that the danger of the current 5-year term is that Members of Parliament fail to perform because of the prospect of holding another election.

He says his proposal is for the benefit of the nation and not President Edgar Lungu or the Patriotic Front.

Meanwhile Mr. Moonga says UPND President Hakainde Hichilema should swallow his pride and accept that he lost the presidential election than causing unnecessary tension in the country.

He says it is wishful thinking for Mr. Hichilema to claim that he won the elections when he only won in his strongholds.

Mr. Moonga adds that Mr Hichilema has failed to run the party and that it is time senior UPND leaders retired him.




  1. CAN’T NEVER”what’s wrong with some of our so called leader’s ati 7year’s of what poverty just 5years nikabama kabama.sometimes if u got nothing keep quite.

  2. at 7yrs sizambia yangoko iyi mr moonga if dont have something do do is better u make your to hell

  3. Maaaa it’s only because u want to put in ur pocket woooo!!! If u say 1yr 6 month we will support u Sir

  4. Thats out five yrs is enough.whr were u wen president kaunda, chiluba,levy,etc why dnt u propose dat. Yayi

  5. Truth is there’s no substance in what this man is saying,what is trying to do is just to divate political attention from high cost of living and the misdemeanors of govt,coz of too much pressure, so will b debating this issue and before u know t,two years wud HV gone..if this was a real issue,,the president himself wud have said sumthn by now

  6. In your dreams in fact we don’t need you no more biggest failure 7 years in your houses not Ku state House go and find your own Zambia and rule for 25years if you want

  7. maybe it’s different thought, coz as for me i ws thinking dat even 5yrz with pf n his Leander ecl its to much it’s simuz like 10yrz.

  8. To hell with this #shit_proposal!!! ain’t u satisfied stealing for 5yrs? hopefully in #future they reduce it to 2yrs of power coz they seem to work hard in th last yrs of service!!!

  9. In america they hold elections every 5years yet they never thought of that then you a beggar think of that wat you should be saying is let’s hold elections every 1year 6months you will development like never before

  10. Perfect case of misguided utterances coming from someone confused after gurgling too much undeserved champagne .
    What sparkling way to get renoticed and probably score some promotion
    Praise God the VP has distanced herself from such stone age thinking Moonga is endeavouring to curse us with. It is such shallow minded utterances that entice those in power to feel a desire to fine tune constitution.
    History being a remarkable guide immediately throws Chiluba into the present debate
    Chiluba allowed such reckless utterances to mislead him into trying to fine tune constitution to pave way for third term .Thank God for men and women like Christin Tembo Godfrey Miyanda,Edith Nawakwi to mention but a few.
    These gallant true Zambians opposed Chiluba and sent him into retirement.
    We take heart in the knowledge that shallow minded glory hunters like Moonga can be defeated

  11. A Central Committee Member for the ruling party holds a media briefing to speak in his personal capacity?! What’s that called? There’s a word for it! Its on the tip of my tongue… Wait, scratch that, doesn’t the PF have a press team that advises its senior members before they open their mouths to the media?! That sounds like a basic thing they should have as a ruling party!

  12. Mulifipuba sana ba pf….who do u think will let u destroy our nation for 7 more years….yo president has no vision….

  13. Mr #Moonga you are useless creture PF failed to fix enconomy in the last 5yrs and we give you another 5yrs you fail and failed indeed.How do you expect you can do in 7yrs?7year in poverty,mistreting,hunger and triblism no sense.Then stop mentioning HH in you diet mouth he is not the one who govern zambia and he did nothing wromg the people of zambia, you failed to rule the country because of luck of #wisdom he is not the one who hick fule prace and comodite so leave alone #baimbwa.

  14. It’s only that HH is no type of person we want to see at plot one otherwise guys ngatamwaimwene

  15. Kutumpa sana uku just because we gave vote doesn’t mean u should start insulting our Intelligence

  16. Extension my foot, please people don’t think that u own this country and u can wake up and just say whatever u want to say, ma rubbish, MMD existed at some point and it’s no more, please learn from the past,

  17. Crazy and selfish. 5 years is more than enough to make an impact. If you want more time then you have no vision for your position.

  18. They have not done not even 2% of the work and yet they are crying for extension? that’s failure on itself. you were elected under the constitution which has a tenure of 5yrs. So work and lets seen your fake promises .

  19. Tat nasty nd stink proposal can only comes frm a mad person lyk him……mind u dis is a country not yo farm…we knw th plains u hv bt u wont succeed..moonga u r a digrace to family.

  20. you think we are happy of the criss we are facing caused by poor leadership NO so plz mr find something to talk about or find the solution to the current criss the nation z facing i knw u cant see the criss.bcoz since this man stept into power president lungu nakaliba dam epo yakamine. so talk of reducing his term to 1&half yr not efyo maimwe.

  21. Foolishness beginnings the moment u start thinking u don’t have enough time to do good, the problem is that u see yourselves failing before u even start work who do u think u are really to change things over night u are a mad man, who does not have heart for others selfish fool moonga.

  22. What is the rogic?He is like Peter,”let us build three sheldters.Is he seeking for favor?

  23. Hahahaha 5years has become little to steal you want to leave Zambia without anything but we won’t allow it

  24. That one can’t be supportive Mr moonga time management is the key to success if in five years u can fail even in seven years u will still fail and I think Mr moonga u are failure no wonder u want an extension

  25. Let the tenure of office be changed from 5 to 8. So that the party and leader’s achieve their goals. The other thing to change is impeachment. Let it be the center of legality

  26. From left to right insane idiots in the center a mad person trying to convince other mental patients n in the picture behind chairman of poverty foundation PF!

  27. this is some piece of shit. dude needs to get his guts examined. I would propose 2 years. folks do not do anything . you can put a Kadansa in state house and there is gonna be no difference. They just come to line up their pockets. Look at him he looks like some piece of trash. Talking about Kadansa, where is the dude? Anybody know?

  28. These are the same people who misled Late FTJ on the third term bid,and here he is again, trying to lead to the raping and subversion of the constitution… Even when it was a one party participatory state, KK would still seek new five year term mandates.. Who is this man to come out, hold a press conference against provisions of the constitution, and even in some nations,state treasonable sentiments… Such people should never be given much platform.. Zambia is not a PF state for them to now start changing the constitution at will due to arrogance of numbers in parliament.. Furthermore, considering such sentiments lead to anarchy, as from such a point, one would start talking of the wamuyaya syndrome… No one man has the cauldron of wisdom, in a nation of more than 15million people.. He should speak for himself, but bear in mind that a nation has a constitution to follow and live by,not propagate ideas in view of one individual… Infact terms for Mps should also be up to ten years, and others should be given chance to compete.. That is what will bring about progression, not retrogression

  29. You’re the only man i have know in this lifetime holding that name but proving to be an idiot, if its money you want please find better ways of getting it. Chiluba tried that road but failed, since you’re an old person except your brains don’t match your age, you know what happened with the third term bid. Please Paul Moonga or whatever you call yourself go to your grave peacefully if you are tired of life instead your hallucinations you’re making.

  30. Even Five years is too much now. We need to reduce like other companies gives contracts of 2-3 years term. The working servant can prove even in a period of six months. As one is campaigning, he or she makes plans before winning. So as soon they are elected, they must prove to the people their manifestos. As for me I will not support this motion.

  31. The problem is that when someone relies on corruption to win an election surely the budget becomes colossal and the spending is huge. Right now those who were involved in corrupt practices haven’t been rewarded yet. The sooner you realise that corruption is too costly, the better. Elections can be easily managed if there was no corruption. Mwanawasa Patrick Levy during his reign managed to turn the fortunes of this rich country into it’s rightful position without borrowing funds unlike what it is at the moment. Ask Rupiah Banda on some of the achievements he was privileged to including the reserve funds. I can simply say that PF government is full of cowards who have no direction.

  32. Are these the pipo who can superintend over the constitution? Since when did noise making become career? Nobody can finish developmental project in 5yrs. A simple residential house can take 30 yrs. When you finish your term you hand over to the next breed of humans who continues with news ideas and the best practice to tackle the challenges.

  33. It’s good he spoke in his individual capacity which may not go well with the 13.999 millions Zambians. So let him keep it to himself.

  34. Moonga just because you re in fuckin ruling part, so you can come up with dat stupid ideas, you very stupidt mr useless moonga

  35. l think moonga it is too late..we saw great changes for 3yrs late sata ruled this country.why 7yrs.l propose 4 yrs let us amend the not be a selfishy politician ba moonga.wh are you trying appease???

  36. In the game of football you substitute a failing player instead of extending his session!

  37. Mr moonga should come for lectures to me,he needs knowledge abt democracy and elections..


  39. This wasn`t even his dream, wish or desire to be president. It was just CHIVUNDUMUKILA. Imavutako for real. 7 years,,,,,,,unhuuuu. We become slaves. Go farm…..

  40. Ba mudala your proposal is null & void.If it was working without allowances & wadges i dnt think you would have come up with that proposal.

  41. How can you people be surprised and provoked by such a one issuing a proposal of this nature. Have you forgotten that they operate and think in reverse? The foolishness of most African leaders is that after tasting power, they start looking for ways to prolong their stay in power even to an extent of altering the constitution. It will not work coz we have come of age.

  42. 5 is fine and not 7 yrs. why do u want to complicate things ba Moonga naimweee?

  43. Typical of African politics which are retrogressive all the time. How can a sane person propose such? Soon someone will re-propose that ECL wamuyayaya as in KK times. African leaders should learn to stick to THE PLAN! It is a shame and shambles to see someone emphasizing nonsensical issues kwati balewamya. Shame on such persons!!! Shame!!

  44. If m dreaming can please somebody work me up,if what m seen is real and happening then Paul Moonga must be out of his senses…thought this is the same government which is saying it has brought a lot of development in its 5 years in office but why do they need 7 years? mukepaisha abantu nensala.

  45. Mmmmmmmmm
    Problem fwaka mulenashako
    7year ulichipuba iwe ai
    Uletotokanya pakubosa
    Not ichaisa kukanwa walanda
    Olo ine kateke lisa
    Pantu naifwe tulefwayako ukutekako weeee
    teshibe ati naiwe ulefwaya ukutekako ai

  46. Ifyabupuba in fact we shud reduce from 5-4 nabafilwafye abo let the person people of ZAMBIA voted for rule is the only one who has a vision like MICHAEL SATA not these successors

  47. Pure African power hungry, instead of reducing years wants another life after retirement, aaaaaa

  48. useless agenda,politics of da belly.pipo r dying wthout drags in hopitals,no clean water & no proper shelter this r issues da we shud discuss.i rest my case.

  49. Now We Know U Guys Are Moving De Country In A Reverse Gear,back 2 De Third Term Issue.Plz Go Forward With Developing De Country.

  50. you a foolish man moonga ifyabuupuba nabanani umungulu muleshakumyenu eko bamwisha

  51. Twala kopa ifibi. There are wars in nations where such ideas have been embraced. And such ldeas are so prevalent in Africa why?

  52. mr moonga you are even your head high showing unblashed teeth to the public thinking you are smart,no you are ignorant professionaly dull.go and tell your children they will even slap and disagree with you.

  53. Where did that man get the audacity to bring up such an issue? Who is backing that man?

  54. South Africa the deviant ‘Western Nationa’ in Africa holds it’s elections every four years.

  55. Moonga u ar an idiot. Leave HH alone. Just leave in ur dream land only ur foolish wife and children will come be with u not the zambian pipo.

  56. I support ecl but on that on bwana that’s rubbish for the bin . let ecl just finish his term and it’s time he ecl started looking for some to take over from him . a nyau dancer knows when to leave the stage when everyone is clapping

  57. Fuel hiked, electricity tarrifs hiked, then you propose for an extension of term of office. This is total madness. Which brains are using to think? Is your head or its the opposite? I think its the opposit

  58. I knew that Edgar is not qualified as a president, i didn’t vote for him from 2015-2016……….he has no qualities.
    Dununa reverse is this a chosen president ?
    Is this a listening president ?
    Where are those clergymen ?
    Where are those artist ?
    See now what s happening, i we said it before he became on power. The bad part is we 87% imposed leaders that is why zambia can’t develop. 7 years this is useless, pf is a part for ignorant ones

  59. If you can’t do something right in one day, no matter how many centuries you live you may not do it right at all.

  60. Mr Moonga, u r just showing us how greedy u are. If you can’t perform in five years, u won’t perform even if u r given ten years.

  61. Already worry about campain 2021… just do a good job for the country in this 5 years… and that’s the best way to be freely voted again.

  62. these are jokers…. what do they take Zambians for… that will not benefit us in any way as a country.. if Chiluba failed to make it for third term then who are they to make it for 7 years a term…let them go back home and rest if they have no better plans

  63. Let him keep on dreaming. Who can agree to keep on or hold on or accepting suffering for all those years???

  64. Kkkkkkkkk since when?!!! Power hungry cadres,you found other pipo ruling ,let ours enjoy.After all you are not even a tax payer.

  65. This person is so foolish. He is just showing us how pf have failed and they need extra time to do us more harm.

  66. A working President will be seen in three months in office, presidential working is in policies not in shovel, please do not mislead people there is no contract for 7yrs it comes in 3s in 2s and in 4s.This mediocrity can’t over stay.

  67. The extension is not necessary. Let pipo work with limited time-7years is not even a good yr though in fact how I wish it was 4 yrs

  68. Ati its expensive to hold elections whose money is used to conduct elections its now expensive because money was used un wisely

  69. MMD is back maaaaa kikikikikikikiki let’s continue dununa reverse ifintu ni lungu 2016 kikikikiki. We used to tell u pipo lungu has no vision ati awe ifintu in lungu mwali dunwina mu mpanga

  70. Nothing like that will ever take place in this holyland,and if mr lungu agrees and take that nonsence,he will find himself ku chawama……is mr moonga alone,chainama pipo go and check his bongo for us….

  71. We can’t afford to go 7years in fact we have to reduce from 5years to 3years that’s when they are going to perform

  72. It is a well known fact that these politicians get serious with work in the third to fourth year in office knowing that in a year or two years later they will be another elections, I feel 3 years term is perfect for these thieves, maybe our country will develop in a shortest period of time because they will be working through out the three years to satisfy the electorates, seven years means madness.

  73. 7years for what? Infact it has to be reduced to 3years coz its just benefitng the leaders.think b4 u talk am sure your pocket is nt yet full.dnt take people 4 granted u ll scream like a donkey one day

  74. Try us and you’ll know.Remember FTJ third term bid……It will be much worse if you even try putting such useless plans accross parliament.

  75. Mmmm.Hidden agenda.If one fails to perform in within the universally accepted four or five years,dont expect them to perform in the next 3 additional years because they have demonstrated to be a total disaster to the nation and a liability.

    Dont be cheated,they just want to amass wealth during the proposed 7 year tenure in the name of implementing projects.

  76. 5 is enough. People must not work with lacsity. Suppose yuo have a bad president 7 yrs would wasted.

  77. Reduce it to three years not such nonsense. Five years term is even too much as things stand !

  78. Please think before u speak. u are misleading my president ECL. This is exposition of dullness.

  79. I think Mr Paul uu r a waste asset.stop taking Zambians for granted.we r nt ur children hum u alwyz despise.u promiss to buy them an aeroplane BT u dont even have an airport in ur compound. Surely as big as u ar with ur grey hair and beard’s fulishly introducing such nonsense, if u were promised a job,just tel the 1 hu promised u that he is also fulish lyk UUU.WE have beneficial things to discuss in Zambia than matuvi ayo.u go to hell with ur dull ideas.


  81. Rodney Chewe Chileshe you are on point with the above example. If you can’t work within a proscribed time, by demanding extra time you are not only wasting your time but that of progress. It’s not how long you stay its the development you achieve in the limited time that will get you ‘re elected. If you can’t manage let others carry on where you leave. Leadership kwafwana!!!

  82. Be like Nelson Mandela. No matter how sweet he gave up. People don’t want to be heros and heroines. Sweet will never cease to be sweet.

  83. Moonga if you have ears and you use those ears to hear, you have heard what the Zambians are telling you. I won’t need to repeat. In case you haven’t heard, the answer us NO to your foolish suggestion .

  84. Opinion is the chipest comodety on earth live this nigger alone witg his opinion..

  85. Sucks!!!?? Both you are fools, Vuvuzela & your proposer, This is not Uganda boss

  86. Reducing the terms to four years will benefit the country. Seven years is too long because if the president is underperforming then its doom for citizens. Lets reduce instead of increasing. We have a lot of Zambians who can be presidents. Increasing the term is actually a conduit for corruption.

    There are bread and butter issues like reducing fuel, mealie meal etc. Five years is too much for a focussed leader. Do not even think about it sir because we will shoot it down before it goes parliament. We will be checking on Mr.Moonga and company because they are suspicious leaders.

  87. If ECL is going to rule well in his term then we shall vote him for another 5 years, not 7 years, period!! But I know that you just want to feed your stomach and you don’t even know how hunger is, you go on fasting while the food is there but some of the citizens of this country they eat once in a day and once they try to go on fasting the ulcers will start to develop in the stomach because of hunger. So Mr man finish your 5years and leave the space for others to rule some, don’t be selfish 5years is still big and you can do your best if you are a smart brainer.

  88. Pf we dont want citizens to sufer for seven years even now we ar waried abt five years pf to be in powr people wl die with hunger u have alred shown us that pf has no capacit to rule this country becoz u hav no vision with yo leader life is tough to every citizen under dununa revese fools

  89. Think of other pipo r saffring while u r enjoying better to reduce years than to increase.

  90. Mr. Moonga sir! On 7 years you will be using less money on the elections compared to 5 years? Tell the Zambians and let them hear…. that proposal has no proper backup.

  91. if our president performs well in the remaining five years which is debatable! then maybe just maybe we can consider that but for now mr moonga u are an idiot

    • kikikikikikikiki Owen you have really cracked me kikikikikiki for real moonga is a big idiot.

  92. Seriously Mr Moonga’ sentiments culminate into the Political Arson to Zambia’s democracy. If such a stance was to be taken let it be subjected to the stand alone National Referendum for Zambians to decide. If anything one would have opted to reduce tenure by one or two years to promote efficiency in the leaders baba. Pa last you want it to be wamu yayaya. Let’s be serious.

  93. That’s purely nonsense they want to increase years so that they can steal more than they have been stearing no way five years is enough for u thieves to sustain yo porkets

  94. That’s foolishness of the highest order by this pf lunatic! Who the hell does Paul Moonga think he is?

  95. Evil thrives because good men sit and do nothing…When a fool like this Moonga starts talking like this..please rush him to Chainama for his sake and for the sake of those next to him coz ubushilu bulambukila.

  96. Paul moonga u a fool to think that it will be given to u so easily. U pathetic fools (PF) at large,mind next month u vacating those offices.

  97. Total foolishness. Do we look like we want to suffer for 7 years? Hell no. Already things r sour. That proposal is for the pipo in offices so they can steal more money.

  98. We have better and important issues to handle as a country, and if we start to debate such things, then I can assure you as a country we will always remain behind.

  99. this man is out of mind• in fact it shud be reduced to 4 years a president and 3 years for mps and lastly 2 years for useless counselors• these people ar making zambia a hell for a living•

  100. Get the f**k off our way 7 years for wat wen jst in months u fail to run the nation if u sent pliz take the msg its crystal ad clear we nt interested in ur fuckin selfishness…

  101. muzindo wabanyoko moonga. zambia sianyoko. we will not accept that nosense. get out swine

  102. That’s the foolishness you will definitely always find in this party. Who told this idiot that democracy is cheap? If you think so, then try dictatorship. No one appears normal in this club. Even the media, how do you waste your time to cover such an imbecile? Go back to school you wasted sperm.

  103. We don’t need that in the poor country like Zambia. MPs proposing that are selfish and seeking personal gratification of gratuities they get.

  104. Zambians and the constitution… how posible is it to ammend the supreme law of our in such a short time?

  105. Tell Him Not Wth Pf Govrment Twapapata Please. 7Yrs High Fuel, 7yrs No Salary Incrment, 7yrs High Electricit, 7yrs High Cost Of Livng, Etc…

  106. Ba Paul Monga it won’t work.This another third term bid you have started.U will face us

  107. America the is bigger than Zambia#they hold election every afta four years!#this reminds me when writing exams at school because of my dullness I would ask the invigilator to give me extra minutes so that I could finish the work but even if given the extra min I would still not finish!#with whatever reasons pf would want to extend the term nothing will be saved,if the can’t solve in 5 years,they will still can’t solve it 7 years!

    • Absolutely nonsense proposal by PF, no way isaaaaa, they think all these people who have President of our dear Nation didn’t went to xool, I agree USA is a very big nation with a number of States, why 4 years. Watch out PF!

    • The excuse about economy problems because of changing governments,but first ask Mugabe and museveni how there respective countries economy is since they don’t change governments!

    • First they talk about developing #Zambia within 90 days of which they still haven’t done.. And now they have started talking about 7years.?!! #Lol Not going to happen #NEVER #CRIMINALS

  108. U failed 2 run de country in 5 yeas wht ll 2 yeas add value 2 u nd yo poor family. Nd dnt wast yo time talking insted of working bcos u ll realise tht 5yes yapwa nd u hv nothing 2 sonta epowabomba

  109. Dununa ,guy p f is a working government so far in the world kaili they have prty hungry to our country. There is more to come.

  110. You are misleading the masses..who told you 5 is not enough..anyway that’s yo opinion…

  111. that’s not your money stupid clown…. in fact reduce ir to one year so that people work

  112. Whom do u want to plz, to hell with yo shallow thinking, if u want a job jst go & ask yo boss to give u one, unlike mentioning HH in yo nonsense information.

  113. This is wat the zambians wanted. They were busy cerebrating ati sontapo nw the pipo u put in govt are sontaling by impleamenting selfish nd crazy policies nd u pipo are complaining wen u r the same pipo who put ba p.f in power away kuti wapapa ama zambians.

    • I didn’t vote for pf and lungu because he promised zambians that, but the good policies they brought on the table.the issuse of celebrating is niether here nor tell you the truth even heaven celebrated that was not only the victory for lungu and zambia but for God also who has rejected satan from ruling this holyland moonga is just speaking his mind,and in a democratic country like ours,he is 100% free to do that,so you about hh in your party,why is he still sitting on that chair? when the upnd consitution forbids him to do that.

  114. If he was speaking “in his individual capacity” why didn’t he hold his briefing at home or his local watering hole? These idiots should stop wasting our time and taking Zambians for granted! “He who makes his bed must and will surely lie in it”

  115. If I was desperately looking for a job from the president, I’d probably say the same thing

  116. Awe,reduce it even further.This guy is an attention seeker. Let him just lobby for a job from the President, not bringing up such issues.