Chilufya Tayali
Chilufya Tayali

I always like to eat nshima in the markets on Sunday, because it is so humbling and I feel connected with the people I really think I belong to (not the rich Kaisa Sulusi).

This is not for Facebook show, but real. My mother still lives humbly in Kapiri rural (in the pictures is my mother and my baby Nephew – Mapalo) and I feel very at home whenever I visit.

Anyway, today, I was shocked when these guys I usually eat nshima with insisted that we go and eat at one of the restaurants which is run by a man and all the workers are men.

When we were eating I asked them why they brought me to this particular restaurant of men only. You would not believe the various reasons I got, ranging from hygiene, cooking, service to custom, such as a woman is not supposed to put salt in food during that time of the month, else people start coughing.

I did not know what to say, to these gentlemen. I wished I could call one of the ladies I admire and respect, Mrs. Engwase Mwale who is the NGOCC Executive Director.

Mrs. Mwale is one of the ladies that need to surface up and take up the mantle of running this Country.

When Movement for Economic Development and Equity (MEDE) comes in power, those are the kind of women we will elevate and give them national affairs responsibilities, not some of these women who compete with men in corruption.

That is why I like Jean Kapata and Emerina Kabanshi because, they are women of integrity and honor, even at family level (at least from what I see).

Anyway, my brothers and sisters, there is a problem here, what should I go and tell my men when I go back to eat nshima at the market next week.

I was told, that many people flood at these restaurants run by men, shunning away restaurants run by women. Apparently, even fellow women in the market agrees with the sentiments expressed.

I am worried that my ladies might run out of business and this is one of the reasons I eat there, because I thought it is one way for me to help them. It did not occur to me that men would takeover this business from women.

Can you call madam Mrs. Engwase Mwale, I can’t call her, these Mwale men are too jealousy and most of them still have 1920 philosophy. I need a solution.