Zambia’s Ministry for Religious Affairs not going well with some people

President Lungu
President Lungu - Political ethics in a Christian nation

President Elect Edgar Lungu says the plans to create a ministry to deal with religious affairs means well contrary to assertions that he is abusing the church.
President Lungu is concerned that the pronouncement to create a ministry for religious affairs did not go well with some people who are of the view that he wants to hijack the church.
Speaking when he attended a thanks giving mass at State Lodge Divine Mercy Parish in Lusaka this morning, President Lungu says the church should not be threatened by the pronouncements coming from State House on the creation of a new ministry.

He says by coming up with a ministry for Religious Affairs, he wants to harmonize the states relationship with the church and also help find an easy way to address the challenges that the church is facing citing that the state cannot take over the church.
President Lungu says Secretary to the Cabinet Dr. Rowland Msiska is thus meeting with the church mother bodies to see how best the ministry can be established.
And the President Elect has asked the church to pray for peace and unity in the country adding that there is need for a spirit of oneness amongst Zambians.
He has asked people to observe the rule of law and respect established institutions such as the courts.

And Bauleni Second Parish Priest Fr. Vincent Tembo has encouraged Zambians to help lighten one another’s burden.
Father Tembo says people are called to be useful and of being useful is by helping each other which he says can only be done if people love one another.
And Parish Chairman Markpaul Nyirongo expressed sadness that recently, some people broke into the church and stole musical instruments stressing that this is a setback for the church.
He also took time to highlight some of the challenges the church is facing among them the church land having no title.



  1. WE PROTEST .THE ZAMBIAN SENTINEL we ‘ve come to a time when God’s work is represented by the iron mixed with clay. State craft seem to be taking hold of and controlling the church, but I confess to you, this president is receiving instructions from somewhere, it’s not the state but the church that is trying to unit our state with the church. From the time I heard Lungu call pope Francis a moral authority, I knew that he is being adviced by francis.History has proved that when religion becomes a cooperate thing and a matter of civil legislation, people lose not only their freedom of worship, but also their civil rights like that of speech, since to speak against the religion of the nation will be counted treason. we will lose rights of the press etc. We need to rise against this friends. Read your history and you will see that costantine tried to unite his empire through religion and the product was loss of individual rights of worship,speach,the press etc. This will ruin our nation in its product

  2. This ministry is absolutely essential to bring some sanity….look at the large number of churches and dubious pastors/prophets which have popped up in the country. There has to be some regulation,,,,,

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