Dununa Politics: Miles Sampa supports Lungu’s re-election

President Edgar Chagwa Lungu share alight moment with Commerce deputy minister Miles Sampa (r) at Chawama Basic school on March 10,2015, where he witnessed the filling in of nomination papers of Chawama Constituency PF Parliamentary Candidate Lawrence Sichalwe for Chawama Constituency by Elections Slated for April 14 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA / State House
President Edgar Chagwa Lungu share alight moment with then Commerce deputy minister Miles Sampa

United Democratic Forum (UDF) President Miles Sampa says he respects and supports the re-election of President Edgar Lungu.
The UDF Leader is among the political party leaders that entered into an alliance with the opposition UPND before the August 11th General Elections.
In a statement to QFM News today, Mr. Sampa says this is now the time for healing the nation through reconciliation and forgiveness so that the President can effectively serve Zambians.

Mr. Sampa says it is clear that the nation needs peace and unity regardless of diverse political views and that he will play his role as a unifying factor and travel across the country to preach unity and peace.
He says there can only be one President at a time and it is incumbent upon all of politicians to honour and respect the Presidency.

He notes with sadness the acrimonious divisions and anxiety that has gripped the nation following the just ended Presidential and general elections.
Mr. Sampa says as leaders, they need to come in and promote unity in diversity adding that the election has now passed and campaigns are over.
He explains that the leader has emerged and for development, peace and unity; all need to support that leader.
The UDF Leader has since congratulated and wished President Lungu and the Vice President Inonge Wina a successful 5 year term.


  1. People like Miles Sampa are Lazy people who fear risks and don’t want to work hard but to enjoy what others have fought for. Such people cannot lead others but Followers.

  2. kaili ku joina the winning party very simple if u can’t beet them ku ba joiner fye welcum back we xpeact much more

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