Lusaka Law firm reports UPND to International Criminal Court

PF cadres launch attack against UPND President Hakainde Hichilema
PF cadres launch attack against UPND President Hakainde Hichilema

A Lusaka Law firm has written to the International Criminal Court-ICC- to cite United Party for National Development -UPND President Hakainde Hichilema and Party Vice President Geofrey Mwamba for alleged crimes against humanity.


Lewis Nathan Advocates, with Liaison Offices in Dubai, Johannesburg and Cape-Town has written to the ICC on behalf of some Zambians who are victims of attacks in some strongholds of the UPND.


The Law Firm have alleged that there is a reasonable basis to believe that Mr. Hichilema and Mr. Mwamba have committed ,aided and abetted ,ordered or incited crimes of torture and persecution and damage to public and private properties of Zambians.


Lewis Nathan Advocates has argued that the ICC has a mandate to handle the the allegations of crime against humanity allegedly by Mr. Hichilema and Mr. Mwamba because ZAMBIA is a state party to the Rome Statute of the ICC.


Efforts to get comments from Mr. Hichilema and Mr. Mwamba failed as their mobile phones went un-answered.


But UPND Deputy Spokesperson Edwin Lifwekelo told ZNBC in a telephone interview that Zambian Courts have jurisdiction to handle allegations of crime against humanity.


Mr. Lifwekelo also said the UPND leadership has denounced the violence allegedly being committed by its members in some regions in the country.


He further said the onus is on both the UPND and Patriotic Front-PF leadership to restrain party members from engaging in violence.




  1. 2 my surprise y showing de pic 4 ecl with stone while putng a blame on same1 else neverdeles dis wil not drag me back am going forward

  2. Another wing of the dull party of.thugs dull to the bone the world already knows how violent and combonic.panga family is

  3. Ummmm Those who are lying may you be surrounded by liers and those who are telling the truth my you be surrounded by the Truth……… Above all God is watching*******

  4. I don’t like PF ba pipo. Lungu is the President yes, but he is not good for Zambian people. Wt and see ba pipo. Love you all!!!

  5. brths dn’t wory jxt handle it 2 God ad he we fight 4 u all wil do iz keep quite, exods 14;14.

  6. brothrs dn’t wory jxt handle it 2 God ad he we fight 4 u, all u wil do iz kep quite, exods 14;14.


  8. hh is da best president of zambia.we dont care bout violenc or no violenc pf u ar idiots nd as upnd wil continue fightin nd mak pf lif difficulty to rule.

    • I agree wth de last speaker u pipo dt hv heart of human beings y shud u predlge 4 voilece 2 mak matters worse u r a youth wht a shem

    • Am wondering even as am commenting if nchimunya is a human being or an animal. Even dogs take care of its own. Manje iwe u think so evil as if u dnt live in zambia. Shame tht u r showing the true colours of ur tribe

  9. Some People believe whatever they see & whatever they r told in print media or online instead of getting the facts! This young man was being taunted by 5 upnd cadres & just wanted to defend himself when descended upon! I was going to my farm when this all thing happened! Look at the picture carefully ! How many pf cadres are in the Pic? Where on earth can u see cadres brutalising people & they just watch them as if they watching nyau dance! If the story is in line with the pic, i expected people to scamper for their safety! Itz this kind of false or negative reporting thatz going to put this country on fire! Already this country is divided on tribal lines & who has caused that? Unsellable Selfish Politicians assisted by clergy cadres & tribal Chiefs! Open your eyes zambia! Remember that if this Country ERUPTS, NO ONE & I MEAN NO ONE WILL BE SPARED!

  10. Iye what a shame innocent people are persecuted n yet the real criminals are holding bibles on airplanes.

  11. This is trash! ICC has more serious issues than this. That law firm has no clients & therefore, nothing to do.

  12. You have done. Lets end this idiocy. Be assured that PF will be co-opted into the indictment.

  13. If its truth that HH and GBM have committed such crimes, why are they not in police custody?

  14. ukose u think u can take government kuma court to hell with ur money HH na GBM umuntu ni lungu

  15. Upnd started the mapatizya formula under mmd governance,then under pf it’s transformed into a well organised outlaw machine with eye catching hollywood title like phrases 4 events,e.g.”black friday”,”amargendon”,”no go zone”,etc.these r just some of the few of the many phrases they’ve used before carrying out their mayhem nd they’ll continue unless otherwise.this shows a serious underground group exist within the party that can cause problems at any given time in the country as our ZP is always caught pants down.thanx 2 Lewis Nathan &co 4the brave initiative.a stitch in time saves 9.

    • Christopher, where is the police when all these things are happening? Are they not paid to keep law and order?

  16. Sad news I dont understand why us local people we fight for these Politicians? Remember you are like a tool for farming, and once it is used the duty is over you put it in tools stores. You will never find a farmer dining together with the tools? The bread and butter is for them why killing your own brothers or sisters? Think twice and I wish you all the best.

  17. It is indeed unfortunate that we have lawyers in Zambia who dont have any sense of shame or morality. Who killed that girl Mapenzi in cold blood? Who beat to death that UNZA graduate?? What is so christian about Zambia at this point in time?????

  18. Mama hh wapya you are in a lion,s den maaaaaaaaaa are you going to survive from icc

  19. Why did this same law firm fail to report the killing of mapenzi who was shot in cold blood

  20. Agony is wearing a pf regalia whn u upnd…we knw such tricks not ignorant abt thm

  21. What a sheam. Reporting HH and GBM to ICC you are not solving anything. Solve the problem at hand. these problems will come to pass. Today in our town i’v seen strange people they look like police officers but very different. Who are those people? And where are they coming from?

  22. that’s foolish, why can’t we solve this issue ourselves alone, than the way we want to do it.

  23. This is just bringing confusion. A matter after another. Let us be done with the conccourt we start business. Now court this court that. The whole month and second with courts when are going to start business??

  24. I have come to a situation where some months a go the upnd had a relly in kopala so kwalibako abakulu Bama thugs elyo baisa mukufyaya abaiche ama thugs no kubeba ati twalaya mukutoba hh amabwe alapanga relly kumindolo elyo baya mukutola amabwe muma track nokuya toba ba upnd balibachena elyo babwela no kwisa mukufola abaice k10 elyo abakulu k20 apa pali umwana senge wandi

  25. Analyse the pic, it doesn’t look like a pic taken from a violent scene. The pic was photoshoped

  26. That awkward moment when you’re reading this comment to find an awkward moment but there isn’t any, and still you’re reading this comment and you’re starting to realise it says nothing important and you just wasted a couple of seconds of your life but you’re still reading and you don’t even know why. That’s awkward… You should give me a Like for wasting your time. 😂

  27. sto accusing pipo without proof its so irritating da pipo chose to be lied too

  28. This guy carrying bricks or rocks , which party does he belong to ? Is he defending someone or planning to cause damage ?

  29. What of ecl ad pf y dont u take them as strong coz its not only upnd causing violence in its strong hold bt also pf are a cause in its stronghold.think lyk human being y descriminating people wen u the same people together with yo edgar singing the one zambia one nation.may God deliver u

  30. This reporting is childish.Reporting about someone else while showing something different in the attachment.


  32. Funny, when evidence shows the one armed with stones is wearing green. Could he be water melon?

  33. whose goner allow poverty in Zambia by allowin PF 2 rule dats a lie,we gave them a chance in office n they failed so we tired n we want change,so by so doin we want UPND to help us b who we really we want 2b,moreover Lungu and the PF ar even the ones dat ar violent,jst check out the stone dat PF cadre is carryin in his sinful hands dat don’t want jobs bt wish 2fight their fellow Zambians,shame on everyone dat has eyez bt can’t see a thing dats embarrasing Damn am out.

  34. Kikikikiki.. But then if you look in the pic, who seems to be demonstrating the act of violence.? Lol..

  35. I Have never seen a wise father who incite violence on his children then later blames the other children to be violent , that’s a stupid and useless father he ll cause children hate each other for ever and murder cases will not end , its very fun that some children they like parents who incite violence especialy those children who are loved most are notorious. PF Govt can lite fire when it starts to burn then they throw it to UPND them they wash their hands clean.

  36. #Nduyi bro abana ngana linja ze. This time we are refusing to be RULED by dull people it’s too much now, even our Heavenly Father is tired of them. And it’s really a big challenge we are facing to remove people who are terrible up there hmm ili bad but still all of then will go to rest within our five year rule coz we’ll make sure people realise their dullness and selfishness, come 2021 they will be kicked out completely am very confident coz God is on our side.

  37. It’s very had for UPND to justify their not being behind these so sad happenings against humanity having promised Amagadon should they loose the elections.They should take responsibility even better let them exercise the 10 point plan & fix this broken province.

  38. You know these guys couldnt report pf and edgar directly so they have reported hh knowing hh will carry footages of mtendere violence and murders of several upnd members like mainza chibulo and the ethnic hate speeches by pf top brass. In essence edgar is in trouble as they have reported him.

  39. Ati offices in Dubai n South Africa, so what…? Those r empty offices it gives me the impression they don’t have better things to do….! No bzness….

  40. Yes,may it be so.UPND is a violent party.Despite calls to stop the vice,UPND has continued with the act of violence and lawlessness.

  41. Pf twanaka namalyashi everyday upnd this that,jst solve yo problem with ba upnd.mwikatulwalika heart disease

  42. Kkkkkkk journalist tomfwa, u talking about upnd but u put a pf picture, that’s y u are being suspended

  43. Agony is talking about inditing upnd but showing a picture of ecl cadre carrying stones to beat people……..who should go to icc now am wondering.

  44. Eating with both hands….. why did this same Law firm fail to write to ICC when Mapenzi was shot and killed in cold blood?

  45. This only happens to uneducatd poor minds. Upuba u idiots instead of u getting busy with lyf u ar busy duing stupid things.

  46. we cant be fooled we know who u re making this shit.if u re a zambia u will be responsible a pray for peace no this propaganda

  47. How much dd u receive as bribe frm pf,why blaming upnd instead of pf? Hw u already forgotten hw pf thugs murdered pipo during campaigns? Shame on u .

    • Much worse shame on u, am sure u happy sn wat thy did to those families living in schools in namwala.. I doubt if u keep pipo at yo place much worse babies.. wel that was evil

    • Use yo obliganta men.can’t u see da pic theyv it do u xpect such pipo to huv bn bribed.don’t let yo judgment get clouded by yo hate. U look like a sensible least from yo picture.

    • Ernest Matarise,am sure you need a bribe for you to know homes are being touched and familes being displaced! Know wŕong is wrong and you must also be reminded in case you have forgotten that HH/UPND did report ECL/PF to the international community regarding the violence which UPND was part of. So HH/UPND are not any special in consideration of what is happening in Southern Province and be reminded that what goes around comes around. Not to say am for running to the ICC but what is happening is a crime against humanity better reported sooner than letter.

    • There z nothing like that in namwala ad u knw it, to sum of u, u sound very sure that its upnd carrying out these attack wen its pf thugs so u can blame upnd, its only pf thugs who think thy ar above the law, going round causing trouble ad accusing upnd, shame

    • As fr u prince kalys, I m not a fan of violence or insult, I hv kids yes ad three orphans, ad i cn luk after them much more than u ad m certain abt dat, so if i wer u, I wud nt bring any kids in this, I dnt depends o feed m family on politics

    • Enerst Matarise,we don’t comment because we feed on politics just like you but because of you blind comments like yours.Above all for the love of our nation.One thing i’ve come to understand about UPND is that you are a party of saints who are mare victims in all the violence that has and is taking place.You can preach Amagedon still interpret it as peace.You are always victims even in Namwala you remain victims sadly people have known you by now even in Namwala you were just provoked.Bravo and keep it up!

    • Dudumwezi born and bred chaps. What do you call the happenings in Namwala of Southern Province??? Ernest Matarise and Muzzie Andries Simwatachela don’t fear people as u talk about things fear God and you will mean well in whatever you want to say.

    • I huv seen sum idoits tok abt Namwala y cnt dey tok on dey burnin down of our kitwe office’s nd dey burnin nd attacking of our carders in Kanyama nd matero let’s b fair here

  48. Honestly hw much blood do u still want to shed? Hw much more damage do u want to cause? Again same pipo wil start crying”boma itilanganeko”

    • Maybe he is trying to defend himself from the Mob with stones to scare them. Look at the picture Madam Mildah Kamutiana and analyse. his head looks redish signs of head injuries