‘Lungu an abuser of God’s name’ – Nevers Mumba

Edgar Lungu
Edgar Lungu

MMD faction president Nevers Mumba has charged that President Edgar Lungu is the greatest abuser of God’s name.
Reacting to the call by the president for the church to hold prayers for peaceful elections which have since been set for 24th July, Dr Mumba says the call by the president is not genuine as his party the PF has been in the forefront perpetrating violence.

He has accused President Lungu of being the instigator of the violence the PF cadres have been perpetrating during campaigns.
Dr. Mumba has told QFM that the president being the commander-in-chief of the armed forces has power to stop the violence, but that he is doing nothing about it because he is the alleged instigator of the violence.

He has since challenged President Lungu to ensure that peace and unity prevails among Zambians by ensuring that every political party campaigns freely without being intimidated by the Zambia Police.
Dr Mumba notes that the conduct of the Police and PF cadres towards the opposition political parties has greatly contributed to the violence being witnessed in the country.


  1. One finger you are using to point at your friend,as an abuser, three of you own fingers are pointing back at you.

  2. Never judge your brother. I wish the Pastor can go back to his roots, humble himself, ask for forgiveness for deserting the calling and start all over again. It is not too late

  3. You ran away from preaching the word and now you are paying for it. Ukufwaya ukunonka bwangu bane.

  4. BA nervous nishani? Calling for prayers can be done on daily basis
    you think we don’t know the bible mwana!

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  6. Hw about u mr Nevers have forgotten what u promised God that being a president its a demotion?

  7. Hebrews 6:4
    For it is impossible to bring back to repentance those who were once enlightened–those who have experienced the good things of heaven and shared in the Holy Spirit,

  8. Lost sheep. Those days everything you touched was blessed. This time everything you touch is cursed and everything you try to do you end up failing. Go back to the pulpit man. You are in a wrong group.

  9. Nevers Mumba, please go back to church, repent and start preaching the word of God that you were called to do. You were more respectable as a preacherman than as a politician. Right now you are one lost sheep wondering in the wilderness of politics. Go back to the pulpit.

    • Bakamutuka kuli balya bamudala akalila oweeeh. He was almost like a president during his time on the pulpit only to reduce himself to a cadre. Jesus is calling you

  10. Kwati ebaba Holy, ba Mumba mwalipusa inshila. Lungu is a chosen one talwisha fimukonkafye.

  11. atleast his just a mayor person now a pastor of all things leaving the church and you expect to be favoured by who lol what a pastor if even if God don’t judge but you you left he flocks desperate and his fellow party b4 mms his useless

  12. never don’t forget the insults that you insulted GOD,look at you kwate mpaliba na bantu,look at you?

  13. It’s actually Nevers who is a fake pastor and God is angry with him that’s why everything he tries is a flop.