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By Joe Mwansa Lombe Kaluba

I have always said that for our democracy to grow there is need for sane politics to be practices. We need sound and just activities and programmes for us to consolidate our manifestation or rather our demonstration. We need to enjoy the fruits of being a democratic state. Democracy comes at a cost they say but that cost in this time and age should bring about good judgement in all political players including citizens.

We as Zambians have only one country which needs to be natured in all aspects and sectors. It is not only about the involvement of the political parties but also the citizens.

In the past weeks we have witnessed what I may call primitive, stone age and In’gombe Ilede politics from the two main political party in this year’s elections. What some members or supporters of the Patriotic Front(PF) and the United Party for National Development(UPND) have being doing in these past weeks should be condemned by everyone who wants our democracy to grow.

People are calling it being political. There is nothing political about people being assaulted or losing life/lives. There is nothing political about disfiguring or bringing down your opponents campaign posters or billboards. There is nothing political about putting your candidate’s campaign poster on top of another candidate’s campaign poster. What I see here is stupidity, primitiveness and foolishness.

I know people want to win elections. I know candidates want to be known. But you don’t send people or encourage people to go to other people’s homes, shops or meetings to beat them up. You don’t encourage people to bring down billboards. Only fools do that. Only cowards or people who don’t have confidence to win do that.

We are in 2016 people. We have to work on being fair and having a sound judgement. We have to act positive and promote peace. Not amapolitcs yafiko(dirty politics).

I am also tired of our political leaders sugar coating things. I for one want leaders not only to talk about peace but also taking bold decisions.

I am looking forward to a day when President Edgar Lungu will not just condemn or preach against violence but fishing out those bad vices who are embarrassing him and the party.

I am also looking forward to a day when HH the UPND leader will not only talk about violence but be man enough and discard people who are promoting violence in his party.

Both PF and UPND must work hard to bring this to an end. Forget about those meetings with Church leaders. We now need action. We need people to learn lessons.

I want to see the police to behave like professionals not like ba vigilant or cadres. You role is to serve and help maintain peace.

Instead of having useless workshops where people just look forward to allowances. I want to see Civil Society Organisations(CSOs) not taking sides but speaking for people they claim they speak for. A wrong is a wrong whether done by the ruling party or the opposition.

People have lost lives, legs, buttocks, lips, teeth or have had their arms broken just because others want to win an election. How many people should die before we act. How many billboards should be brought down before we act. How many opponent’s posters should be covered with ours before we do something.

As I said this is not politics or democracy it is being both stupid and dull. People should not live in fear because fools want to win elections. I know people who have been beaten and harassed by political cadres. I have also seen posts on social media where posters have been pasted on another candidate’s poster. This isn’t right at all. This is madness and it makes me sick to the bone. How does a normal human being kick a woman in the ribs just because they have a different political opinion. And then this person comes to you and says it is done and you say good and you pay them. Come one people. Ubo bunama(you are behaving like animals)

When I hear things like this my heart bleeds. If President Lungu or HH don’t know these people who are doing this. Let them find them. If they can’t I am personally willing to help look for these crack pots who are supporting or sponsoring these kind of politics. I am willing to expose this fools. Tuletina nokwenda muchalo chesu bakembo(why should we fear to move in our own country).

And where has this cowboy thing come from where people are now free to carry guns. Where has this thing where some regions or provinces are no go area because you support a different party? We want peace we should work for that. We want a violent free election we should take bold steps to end this.

Parties(PF and UPND) should be worried that there are people who have not yet made up their minds who(m) to vote for. Acts or violence and primitive politics might just lose you votes. Let’s have a fruitful, fair and peace elections twamipapata( we beg you )

The author is a PhD candidate-Political, Gender and Transnational Studies at the International Postgraduate Centre (IPC), Faculty of Social Sciences at Goethe University Frankfurt