The MMD Choir performing

MMD Information and Publicity Secretary Peter Phiri has charged that Mbulakulima’s rantings against Dr. Nevers Mumba for calling ‘a spade a spade’ should be ignored because he is a compromised ‘blind man’ who does not know what is happening on the ground on the Copperbelt as he is still a black sheep in PF.

He further said the MMD leadership had been aware very early about Mbulakulima’s dark corner activities where he had been assured of adoption on the PF ticket by one of the senior PF Ministers who hails from Luapula, who had presidential ambitions and considered Nevers Mumba a great threat if a PF/MMD alliance was concluded. As soon the plan to destroy Nevers Mumba was hatched, Mbulakulima, who was a full-time employee of the party as National Secretary, suddenly became hostile to Nevers Mumba and stopped going to the office and began issuing contrary statements to those of the National Executive Committee (NEC), began pushing for a convention which he had been against all along and started showing open hostilities towards President Nevers Mumba.

Responding to an article in the Daily Nation of Wednesday 6th July, 2016, Mr. Phiri said PF cadres on the ground are extremely upset and demoralized with the likes of Mbulakulima who delivered a ‘lame duck’ like Mutati to PF who is adding absolutely no value and are wondering who advised President Lungu to go for Mutati instead of Nevers Mumba whom all the PF grassroots througout the country wanted especially on the Copperbelt, in order to secure a victory in the August elections.

He said Mbulakulima was probably aware of these sentiments from the grassroots hence his emotional and unreasonable outburst and said it was too late for him because the MMD in the end made the right choice in accepting the UPND invitation for an alliance.

He said the MMD was now working with a well-organized, disciplined party and a sober, intelligent, down-to-earth, straight-forward politician like Hakainde Hichilema whom the PF tried very hard to ‘paint black’ in order to alienate him from the people of Zambia. He said in HH, Dr. Mumba had found a like-minded colleague with a passion to transform and modernize Zambia through genuine sustainable economic policies and the rule of law intead of the abyss of total lawlessness, never seen before in Zambia, which the PF is plunging the country into.