GBM thanks Western Province

Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba - GBM
Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba - GBM

Countrymen and women

Am so humbled with the immeasurable welcome we have continued to recieve in Western Province.This is contrary to the way certain individuals perceive the people of this wonderful Province.

This morning our Parliamentary Candidate for Nkeyema, Akapelwa Mbangweta accompanied us to his constituency where the people again, gave us another thunderous welcome.

Later in the afternoon we were in Luampa Constituency where the beautiful and untapped landscape revealed the urgency and undying need in which the province is in with regards to National Development and integration.

It’s sad that the present government has ignored the natural resource base, which include wildlife resources, the rich cultural diversity which are naturally an investment if strategically realised.

History actually has it that this is the province where education was first introduced by the missionaries and the people here contributed massively to this country’s development yet the province remains under developed.

Western Province to me, is now home.The reception we recieved is a clear demonstration of how good and kind hearted the people of Western province are in appreciation and oneness.

They deserve a better life.

After forming Government on August 11th, we shall ensure that the people of Western province enjoy the vast resources that the province is endowed with.

UPND will invest in fish farming as a way of empowering youths and others engaged in fishing which is the main economical activity.