zimbabwe international trade fair-zimbabwe-president robert mugabe walks with zambian president sata - Credit ibtimes.jpg
zimbabwe international trade fair-zimbabwe-president robert mugabe walks with zambian president sata - Credit ibtimes.jpg

Unless you are politically delusioned you would fail to see that campaigns seem to be shaping up and tilting to the PF’s side.

Even the campaign songs seems just right to put a voter in the mood to dununa reverse and vote for PF. UPND has surely been beaten especially this last week – tefintu for UPND.

I will be quick to point out that, whatever has happened to put the PF in a clear front line in this campaigns, is not anyone’s individual efforts but a number but collective efforts as emphasized by the President.

In the last articles I had been complaining of President Edgar Lungu abandoning the PF founder in his speeches, but President Lungu has picked up the name of Sata and I am not the only one who is happy for constantly glorifying Sata.

The spirit of Sata which has been evoked President Lungu and some new songs, has revived the PF spirit in many people.

The UPND almost hijacked the strong political spirit of Sata to use it in their campaigns just because Guy Scott, Mulenga Sata and Miles Sampa are with them.

Sata belongs to PF and he will always do, so whoever wants to claim to be a Sata ally, can never do it in UPND but in PF. Therefore Mulenga Sata, though being a Son of the Late Sata, disowned his father in death by crossing to UPND and that marks the end of his political career because Mulenga Sata has no political career of his own without his father.

President Edgar Lungu should not feel ashamed to call upon the name of Sata because he is the rightful person as the political heir who was given the mantle by Sata himself.

Sata is the father of PF and the mentor of President Lungu’s Presidency which is why PF is still living today.

President Lungu would not be abusing Sata by recognizing him because the PF agenda springs from Sata the day he left MMD to form PF 15 years ago.

Though politics have no morals I think it is shameful for HH talk about Sata who he opposed in everything and called his followers like Guy Scott stupid.

Mulenga Sata is really a let down and shows signs of cowardice to run to UPND when he could have stayed in PF to defend the legacy of his father if indeed President Lungu was messing it up. Anyway I will not judge him too much,but I hope one day he would go back to PF where he belongs.

Unlike the UPND whose funding in mostly from outside, by international businessmen with interests in this Country, PF’s campaigns are being sponsored by locals which is why at times they go broke though Mumb Phiri says they are ever loaded with cash.

I have done my investigations and I know a number of people who are funding PF. I also know that many times the PF Secretariat struggles with cash when these people have delayed to pump in money.

But this is good because they (PF) would have little financial obligations instead of these big international business who can cripple this Country in demands should UPND win this election.

The contributions also show confidence in President Edgar Lungu and an affirmation of his leadership locally. This confidence of so many people will turn into votes for President Lungu because these people are local and they will vote together with all those they have under them.

The problem of being funded by international businessmen and embassies, in political campaigns, is that no matter how much money you are given, it will not turn into votes automatically, especially if the one being funded is not a political genus like HH.

The waste thing is also that HH does not want to share this money easily with cadres. I know a lot of cadres in UPND who are failing to marshal campaigns due to lack of funds. You can’t win an election with disgruntled cadres while you (HH) are enjoying.

HH is missing the point to waste time and money on hiring choppers, expensive billboards and other things which cannot bring make people vote for him. Choppers and billboards don’t vote.

I will come back to talk about campaign messages and The post issue later, for now, let me handle my guest.


  1. what of Dollar Bokosi Siliti, Micheal Kaingu etc?Infact Sata wouldn’t have appointed these two as ministers