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MMD President Dr. Nevers Mumba has said the renaming of the imaginary and non-existent Luapula University to ‘FTJ’ University is a desperate and embarrassing political manouvre by President Lungu.

Dr. Mumba said the reality is that President Lungu is making frantic and desperate attempts to recover from the blunder of closing the Post by somehow showing that he admires the democratic ideals of late President Chiluba when clearly he does not.

He said Luapula University is one of the many fake PF ‘donchi kubeba’ projects, along with Lewanika University in Mongu which the PF used to hoodwink Zambians to fraudlently get into government in 2011 and yet not even one brick has been laid on any of these projects.

He said the best way Mr Lungu would have honoured the late president was to practically carry on the democratic legacy that Dr. Chiluba introduced such as freedom of speech, freedom of association, freedom of assembly and freedom of the media which are now being being systematically destroyed. President Lungu should have also emulated Dr. Chiluba by immediately transforming the Zambian economy within months of taking over power the way President Chiluba did but instead what Zambians have seen is a steep deterioration of the performance of the economy which has plummeted to unimaginable levels behind the slogan ‘IFINTU NI LUNGU.’

The current backdrop of muzzling the press as shown in how the PF Government has influenced the affairs at the Post newspaper, the sudden withdrawal of a flying permit from GBM on a campaign programme in Luapula, attempts to bring down the plane flying UPND leaders in Shiwa Ng’andu by PF thugs, countless incidents of police brutality and tear-gassing and disruption of opposition party campaign meetings cannot be said to be honouring the memory of Dr. Chiluba.

Dr. Mumba urged Zambians to ignore the cheap political gimmicks by the PF as Mr. Lungu is just a desperate man taking desperate measures.


  1. What about the Levy, Sata, Kaunda, Kapwepwe, Makasa, Nkuruma and many more? Academic?