NRFA rakes in over K150 million from toll gates

Toll gates Commissioned in Kapiri Mposhi and Kafulafuta _PF
Toll gates Commissioned in Kapiri Mposhi and Kafulafuta _PF

The National Road Fund Agency (NRFA) has collected over K150 million from the Manyumbi and Kafulafuta toll gates in the first quarter of 2016.
The agency has set K816 million as a target to be collected from toll plazas this year alone.
NRFA Spokesperson Alphonsius Hamachila has told QTV News that the response from motorists passing through the two toll sites which became operational on January 15 is impressive.

He says the successes in the collection of fees on toll plazas can be attributed to transparency and accountability in the collection procedures.
And Mr. Hamachila has disclosed that the agency has released K2 million for the maintenance of the road near Kafulafuta which he says is in a bad state.
He has emphasized that the money collected from toll gates will be used for the maintenance of roads across the country.