I don’t think it is all Zambians who want to kick out PF out of power, rather it is SOME Zambians like HH and his colleagues who want to kick out PF so that they too can also have power which will make them control and shares the spoils of this Country.

I, for one, a Zambian, do not want to kick out PF for HH to take over because I also perceive him as a crook and I have something to point at – PRIVATIZATION.

Yes, HH was not alone in the privatization process just like Edgar Lungu is not alone in governance, but HH perceives him (ECL) as a crook. HH is just using Zambians to call Edgar a crook otherwise those are his words.

Take note that, I am not objecting to HH, or anybody else, to calling Edgar a crook, it is their right to say things as they see them from the facts available to them. I also do the same, I speak out my mind.

Therefore, HH and his supporters should also allow others to call him a crook because surely to-date HH has not explained how he multiplied his degree to now K73 million. How many of his course-mates have K73 million today. HH got lucky to be part of privatization.

There is no rich HH before privatization but we have a rich HH after privatization which never gave benefits to Zambians.

Similarly, I would have called the PF crooks if after borrowing so much money, there was nothing to show for it. But I will spare them for now because out of the money borrowed, I can see roads, I can see infrastructure, I can see civil servants driving, etc.

Of course, I am not naive to think that every ngwee was invested, I know that some PF members took advantage of the situation and got some money. However, I can’t point at Edgar Lungu that this is want he got.

The assets Edgar Lungu has are also bit on the higher side compared to the time he won the Chawama seat, but I certainly see him a better person than one who got indiscriminately, when the Country was on it’s knells begging for survival.

Remember I come from the copperbelt and I used to move around those industries which today have become ghost shells. It is painful, to see that and look at HH posing with K73 million. I don’t have to be paid for me to complain and mourn my friends, relatives who died out of loss of depression after losing jobs.

But generally, the PF have given something other than the Privatization process which got even what we had and gave us more poverty which HH is complaining about and claiming to have a solution for.

Believe me, I am not happy with a number of things in PF but HH hurt Zambians at the time we needed his intelligence, which he is, but he chose to enrich himself, he become selfish. How can I trust him today, just because he is with GBM who gave me K5000.

Please don’t bring in other things, I don’t hate HH, neither have I been paid by PF otherwise I would not be broke and I think they (PF) are also broke but that doesn’t matter, the point is that if HH cared for this Country, how could he be part of a process which he knew would bring misery to people?

HH has never even apologised for being part of a process that left our hearts bleeding. HH contributed to the poverty we have today


If HH has to fix anything, let him start by giving out 75% of his riches to Zambians ( He will still be rich), then I will trust him, otherwise he is just being a businessman who is marketing himself for more profits.

I will talk about Ba Fred later, first let me go see my daughter running, it is sports day.

Politics teyabana iyoo, try business.

The Zambian Voice – Chilufya Tayali


  1. Details of HH’s wealth Hakainde Hichilema’s financial and estate records valued at more than KR360million (K360 billion). Prior to the 2011 general elections, Mr Hichilema’s declared assets, filed before the Chief Justice, were valued at only KR46 million but the opposition leader was still the richest at the time. President Sata said at State House in Lusaka yesterday that the records would be submitted to the Commonwealth organisation, which Mr Hichilema had invited to Zambia to check on alleged human rights violations by the ruling party. “I am glad that Mr Hichilema has invited the Commonwealth, we will show them this document,” said the President in reference to the dossier containing details of the wealth amassed by Mr Hichilema. Preliminary investigations indicated that Mr Hichilema had ranches, which had made him to emerge as one of the leading suppliers of beef to Zambeef Plc in the country. The ranches had 90,000 cattle in Central and Southern Provinces valued at KR360 million. The ranches were divided as; four in Choma District, operating as H.H Farm and Blukes Farms whose property number was F/2295/A and had about 20,000 animals. One ranch located in Namwala District, operating under the name of H.H Farms whose property number was L/2482/m and had about 16,000 animals. Another farm in Kalomo District operating as H.H Farms B. Williams whose property number was F/821/A and had 35, 000 animals while three ranches in Kalola, Chibombo District, whose property numbers were F/1604/A, F/2270/A and F/9184 had 35, 000 animals. Mr Hichilema had four bank accounts with the Zambia National Commercial Bank (ZNCB), with the ZIMCO account in liquidation bearing account number 0030410001474, based at Lusaka’s Business Center branch, having US$5,383.86. However as at May 22, last year, the account had US$820,411.58. Mr Hichilema’s Agro Support Limited account number 030240000901 and based at the ZNCB Choma branch had a balance of KR45, 685 as at July 22, last year. Another account named ZIMCO in liquidation whose number was 00304010001474 based at Lusaka Business Centre had a balance of KR9, 305 and a dormant account which had KR135, 000 domiciled at the Lusaka Business Center. Mr Hichilema had shares in private companies which included, ALS Capital, a bureau de change based at Mukuba House in Lusaka, Beef Up Zambia Limited, a marketing company based at Longolongo Road in Lusaka. He also had shares in Buluwe Properties Limited, an investment and property development firm based at Mukuba House in Lusaka. Others were in Hillview Properties Limited, an investment and property development company also based at Mukuba House and in the Manda Hill Center, an investment and property development company based at Manda Hill Shopping Mall in Lusaka. The opposition leader also had shares in Maybrooke Property Investment Limited, an investment and property development business based at Anglo American building in Lusaka. More Beef Limited, a beef marketing company based on Omelo Mumba Road in Lusaka’s Rhodespark Township and Quantum Assets Zambia

  2. Hakainde Hichilema And His Riches – Companies Owned By HH That You Didn’t Know Zambia by Munalula Munalula – July 8, 2015 Hakainde Hichilema And His Riches – Companies Owned By HH That You Didn’t Know. Hakainde Hichilema is one of the richest and wealthiest people in Zambia. Yes, we said wealthiest too. Hakainde Hichilema might come across as a poorly dressed cadre who throws unusual dance moves on the podium but behind that dull looking face lies a brain of a genius. Is it me or Hakainde Hichilema’s hairstyle never changes? His hair never grows or gets cut. This man is consistent with his hair. Educated in Zambia and the United Kingdom, Hakainde has more than 16 years of in-depth local and international business experience. He has a strong interest and involvement in the commercial business development of Zambia and the African region in the context of the global business environment. Hakainde Hichilema is the Chief Executive Of Grand Thornton Limited, the successor organisation to Coopers & Lybrand Association Limited in Zambia. The Company which is a member of Grand Thornton international, provides business advice to local and international clients in a number of areas including corporate finance, accounting and statutory services, accounting systems procedures and controls. Other areas include privatisation, tax, forensic accounting and investigation, business recovery and insolvency, human resources, information technology, merger and acquisitions. Hakainde Hichilema has major shares in companies like Zambezi Sun, Greenbelt fertilisers, farmer’s livestock. Hakainde is also the Cole owner of Kagem Mines and Kembe Meat Supply Company. Sources close to Hakainde Hichilema insist he has shares in a Diamond Supplies Company for Bermuda; he also has cargo ships in Cape Town South Africa. Seven other firms have been withheld. A few months ago Hakainde Hichilema visited SABC News South Africa and had a one on one chat with Mpho Tsedu who greatly marvelled at Hakainde’s immerse wealth. Mpho Tsedu admitted that indeed Hakainde is one of the wealthiest people in Southern Africa. Hakainde Hichilema is discrete about his net worth. However, we have our investigators contacting him on a constant basis and hopefully in the near future we will sit down with the great man and have a glimpse of his reality.

  3. True boi Mwango Mofya. The man has never disclosed how he made thise riches. How are we going to inspired to rich like him if he cant share his testimony on how he got rich

  4. Even sata was called names accused of bringing war but we voted him evn hh we will try him.

  5. In my opinion, HH’s riches still remain questionable since he has never explained how he did not steal ,(records of how he raised his claimed genuine money) but spends more time being upset about the subject!

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