Chikwanda predicts 70% first round win for Edgar Lungu

president lungu
president lungu

PATRIOTIC Front (PF) chairperson for Finance Alexander Chikwanda says President Lungu will win this year’s general elections with a 70 percent first round majority vote because of his sound leadership and unprecedented development that the ruling party is delivering countrywide.
Speaking when he featured on a special programme on Kitwe’s Radio Icengelo, Mr Chikwanda said President Lungu will easily attain the 50 percent-plus-one threshold for a winning presidential candidate in the first round.
Mr Chikwanda, who is also Minister of Finance, said the people of Zambia cannot be swayed by some power-hungry opposition political leaders who are going round the country discrediting the good works of Mr Lungu and the PF administration.

Daily Mail


  1. This is day dreaming. When people are not in touch with reality, this is always the case. l do not know who will win the elections this time around but all l can say is that over confidence will give birth to tears.

  2. It is not possible Honourable Chikwanda because it is not all Zambians Who will Vote for President Edgar Lungu,,In Zambian History only President Chiluba(MHSRIP) Managed 70% and above,that was because People in Zambia wanted to remove KK and UNIP,So since from 1996 MMD Never got More than 50+1% including The 2011 and 2013 Elections which PF Won,So Mr Chikwanda Sir Never Mislead President E.C.Lungu by Predicting that he will win by 70% in the first round,,check properly its not all Zambian who are happy with Pf Government.