Sale of alcohol at burial sites shocks mourners

'Shake Shake' aka chibuku beer
'Shake Shake' aka chibuku beer

THE selling of alcohol in grave yards has raised concern among Lusaka residents who have since called on the Lusaka City Council to intervene in the matter.

The residents have complained that it is inappropriate for people to turn the grave site into a place where people  drink beer from.

They have said that people go to cemeteries to mourn because of the pain of losing someone they loved and it is not right for someone to sell them alcohol in their time of grief.

The residents said the grave site should not be turned into a drinking place because people drink when they are merry and rejoicing and not when they are in mourning.

George Mwamba a resident of Bauleni said that selling alcohol in the grave yard is like mocking people who go to  bury their relatives. Mr. Mwamba says there is need for the council to ensure that they do not condone the practise of selling beer in grave yards.

He says people should not be selfish and only think about making money without consideration to where and how they are doing it.

‘’It is shameful to see how desperate people have become for money such that they are willing to turn grave yards into bars with no regard to the effects that their behaviour may have on others,’’ he said.

Lusaka City Council public relations manager Habeenzu Mulunda said that the authority will take action against anyone who will be found selling alcohol at a burial site.

Mr. Mulunda said that selling alcohol at the grave yard is illegal and all perpetrators should be brought to book.

He says the council has not permitted anyone to sell alcohol at the grave yards and it will not condone such kind of behaviour.

Mr. Mulunda has also appealed to members of the public to report all cases of people selling alcohol to the authority so that it takes action.

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