President Edgar Chagwa Lungu (second from left) introduces Patriotic Front (PF) Lubansenshi Constituency Candidate George Mwamba
President Edgar Chagwa Lungu (second from left) introduces Patriotic Front (PF) Lubansenshi Constituency Candidate George Mwamba

While some of my fellow political commentators or reactors may call me names and demean me that I am politically useless or not a factor, especially when I write contrary to their political interests, I am aware that I have one or two people that look up to me for political opinion for them to make a decision.

This realization puts pressure on me, especially on a day like this one. I want to write what will appeal to those people that follow me and yet, they are so many and divergent. Therefore, it took me time to put this down here.

However, at the end of the day, I have resolved to speak the truth as I see it at that particular time regardless of what I said yesterday or thinking of who is going to read it and their reactions.

As long as I think it is the truth I will say it as it is.

It is the truth that I love PF for the simple reason that I heard the mind of Sata when he was just forming PF. Sata hired me to type his ideas on one A4 paper because I was one of the few computer literates at that time. I was paid K20 for the job and I was told to go and form a PF section in Longacres.

Forget what happened later but I saw Sata emerge victorious in 2011 elections after a number of attempts of which I voted for Sata.

I may not carry a PF membership card but I might be more PF than many of the PF members.

Yes, I am not PF by choice because I think I can still serve Zambians through my work as an activist. We can’t all be politicians, others should be out here to offer checks and balances, and this is what I do.

Unfortunately, I am sorry to say, the PF I have followed all these years, the PF I was attracted to when I typed that simple manifesto on a piece of paper is no longer the same.

PF is fragmented under the leadership of President Edgar Lungu. The truth as I see it today, is that many people are still holding on to PF for survival, including Given Lubinda who has taken me to court for telling him the truth.

Of course others have no better options politically otherwise they are not happy. Mr. Davies Chama can console himself as the SG of PF, together with my fellow out-spoken Frank Bwalya, that PF is still solid and strong.

Well, I doubt that, however, people still appreciate the works of Sata which President Edgar Lungu does not want to give glory to Sata but want to claim it and use it in this campaign.

It is true Sata did not work alone but tell the people that you are grateful for the roads Sata started to build which are not complete and now you want to start your projects then outline those projects.

That is appreciation and it is a sign of good human behaviour not to bring RB whom Sata called corrupt and make him look like the Godfather overshadowing Sata who gave you the Presidency and the jobs you have while you are enriching yourselves through corruption.

I am scared that PF fails to win the next election, it would be the fastest party to disappear from the political radar. Actually RB has a forecast of that and this is why he is preparing MMD to take over in 2021 after Lungu goes.

If PF survives this election, I doubt it would stand the 2021 elections, with the way RB is playing politics, MMD will be the enemy within to cut-throat PF and bury it dead on 11th August 2021.

For those who follow, I am saying all this because I have seen that President Edgar Lungu is lacking that charisma to keep PF members and supporters glued to the party. There are so many frustrations in the party which has led to many to leave. The people around Edgar are those whom Sata rejected.

How many people in PF have issue which they would like the party to attend to? How many people would like to meet the President and air out their views? How many people have written to State House and have never gotten any response? How many people are appealing to the PF govt to help them with injustices in their work places like Dangote and nothing has come by?

President Sata used to mingle with many people, until he got sick, who is President Lungu mingling with? Those who are eating with President Lungu will stand to defend him tooth and nail but those who are suffering, even if they are PF members, will agree with me.

I, personally and as a leader of an NGO I have many concerns which have not been attended to in spite of being so close to many of President Lungu’s people and associates.

Make no mistake to think that the issues I bring before these people are all about them giving me money, but the plight of many Zambians. I have text messages and letters that I will show at an appropriate time.

They make promises but they just lie, which makes me wonder if they will even do what they are promising the people. If they can lie to close friends, what about the people who are far off after they get their votes.

They say President Lungu is humble, the question is to who?

I am down cast also by the so many other things that are going wrong especially corruption and the recent violence.

Imagine Given Lubinda after eating so much money through FRA even has the audacity to sue me, simply because President Lungu has given him impetus.

Then Max Chongo also feels so big to call me and try to intimidate me. I will release the record so that you judge for yourself who this Max Chongo is. I never accept intimidation from anyone.

It is these things that, make me oscillate politically, you want to support these people but then again you look at their behaviour and you wonder.

I think Edgar Lungu is risking a lot to move on this path, I actually wonder if he really cares whether he wins or looses, it is like President Lungu has gotten far more than he ever expected in his life so why bother about what Chilufya and others are saying.

With K23 million worth of assets plus 70% of the incumbent’s pay after President Lungu leaves office, why worry about sinking the boat that Sata built from scratch.

Anyway, politics teyabana iyoo, I might be young.

Chilufya Tayali –
The Zambian Voice


  1. Those you r indicating to v left pf did not want ECL for president in your story lacks merit