Prisoners cannot vote, Davies Mwila admits

juvenile justice prison
juvenile justice prison

Home Affairs Minister Davies Mwila has admitted that the current law does not allow the participation of inmates in elections.
In a statement made available to QFM News today, Mr Mwila says this is evident from the Electoral Act CAP 13 of the Laws of Zambia, Part 4(1) and C, which states that quote : “ no person shall be qualified for registration as a voter in direct elections, and no person shall be registered as such a voter, who is under sentence of death imposed on him by any court in Zambia,or a sentence of imprisonment imposed on him by such a court or submitted by competent authority for some other sentence imposed on him by such a court” end of quote.

Mr Mwila says in view of this Act, the statement attributed to him was inadvertently made as a result of prior discussions regarding the reform of the Correctional Services.
He says the position therefore, still remains that inmates cannot vote.
The Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP) had challenged Mr Mwila to tell the nation which law he was relying upon when he directed that prisoners be allowed to vote in this year’s elections.