Mutati is an expert at ‘hot air’ threats

Felix Mutati with Hakainde Hichilema
Felix Mutati with Hakainde Hichilema

MMD Acting Party Spokesperson Ms Irene Musonda has dared expelled former Lunte MP Felix Mutati to go ahead and ‘deal’ with MMD President Dr. Nevers Mumba as reported in the Daily Nation of Monday 6th June 2016 if he has guts.

Ms. Musonda said Mr. Mutati is an expert at ‘hot air’ threats which he somehow finds difficult to follow through. She reminded the nation that in January this year, when it was discovered that Mr. Mutati’s picture was among UPND senior officials on the official calendar for the Party’s 2016 General Elections, Mr. Mutati threatened to sue the UPND for not getting his permission to put his picture on that calendar.

As the MMD had predicted, that threat died a natural death.

Ms Musonda has challenged Mr. Mutati that instead of making incoherent noises which do not make any sense, he should instead categorically confirm or deny whether it is true that he is expelled from the MMD and whether or not his expulsion was upheld by the Lusaka High Court upon appeal.

She said on the other hand, Dr. Nevers Mumba is the bona fide President of the MMD having been democratically elected in the heavily contested Convention of May 2012, against several well-known former leaders of the MMD in which he trounced Mr. Mutati with a 70% landslide in a re-run. The MMD feels that Mr. Mutati’s recent troubling behaviour may be as a result of his failure to come to terms with that devastating defeat. She said no matter how often Mr. Mutati and his team keep referring to the ‘kangaroo’ convention they held in Kabwe, that illegality remains an illegality which shall not go away and they should come to terms with the tact that Dr. Nevers Mumba’s 5 year term of office, is firmly protected by the MMD Constitution until May 2017.