Lungu orders IG to cage perpetrators of violence

Machete Wielding PF cadres
Machete Wielding PF cadres

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu has directed Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja to ensure there is law and order throughout Zambia and deal with perpetrators of violence.
And President Lungu has unveiled the PF manifesto for 2016 to 2021 and has urged Zambians to adequately read the document to understand the party agenda.
Meanwhile the president says Zambia does not need an experimental leadership of governance at the moment.

Addressing a mega rally at Levy Mwanawasa Stadium in Ndola yesterday to mark the launch of campaigns on the Copperbelt, President Lungu said the police had the duty to protect the lives of the people and property.
“I have received reports that our members are being beaten and why should we live like this as though we don’t have police in place? I am reminding you Mr Kanganja wherever you are in Lusaka to ensure there is law and order. Peace is very important and I urge you the police to do your job or we will do it for them,” he warned.
He said it was disturbing to see how some people were taking advantage of peace.

Meanwhile, the President has advised PF members and Zambians at large to take time to read the PF manifesto for 2016 -2021.
He said the new manifesto outlined government’s vision of being pro-poor and embark on industrialisation.
He explained that government remained committed to bringing down the cost of mealie meal through the establishment of solar powered milling plants.
He said retailers buying mealie meal from the solar powered plants could attest to the fact that mealie meal prices were now low.
President Lungu also said the PF government remained committed to ensuring quality education was accessible to all citizens. He also stressed Government’s desire to ensure citizens accessed quality health service delivery.
He disclosed that government was training more medical personnel to ensure they delivered improved health services to the people.
And on energy the President said government had embarked on the diversification programme for sources of energy such as solar and other renewable forms of energy.
He urged mining houses to diversify their operations and invest in the energy sector.

President Lungu acknowledged that copper prices were volatile but said there was need to add value to copper before exporting it.
On women and youth empowerment, the President said the PF remained upbeat about the welfare of women and youths through provision of various skills.
He said government would target the informal sector such as marketeers for empowerment.
The President urged people to shun critics who disapproved everything because the PF had delivered.
Meanwhile, the president said Zambia does not need experimental leadership on governance.

“We don’t need experimental leadership at this moment. We don’t need try and error. People should try to start from lower organs such as councillors, MPS before vying for the highest office,” he said.
And speaking earlier Vice President Inonge Wina urged women and the youths to vote for President Edgar Lungu and the PF in the August 11 general elections.
Meanwhile, MMD president Felix Mutati said the party had made clear a decision to support the PF in an alliance anchored on 4 principles which is transparency, democracy, rule of law and developmental agenda.

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