Wife charges husband K10 to make love, also accepts credit

Divorce Court

A FORTY-YEAR-OLD man caused laughter in the Chawama Local court in Lusaka when he revealed that his wife charges him K10 to make love with her.
Noah Munthali, 40, said he sometimes made love to his wife on credit and paid K10 for the service at the month-end.
Munthali of Chawama Township in Lusaka was testifying in a case in which his wife Lorain Mulenga, 39, of the same locality sued him for divorce.

Facts before the court were that the two got married in 1997 and they have two children. Dowry was paid.
Defending himself in the case, Munthali said every night he wanted to make love to his wife, she would ask him if he had K10 and if he answered in the affirmative, she demanded that he first pays before making love to her.
Munthali said even after he stopped working, he could usually keep K10 to pay his wife as she usually denied him sex if he did not have money.

He added that Mulenga could not greet him or smile not until he got paid or whenever he brought good relish.
He said it was hard to stay with his wife and that he was forced to marry another woman in the village owing to his wife’s unbecoming behaviour.

Munthali also told the court that Mulenga had six children from her previous relationship at the time he was marrying her and that her father did not charge him dowry as he knew he was going to keep the children.
In her submission, Mulenga told senior court magistrate Sarah Nyendwa that problems started in 2004 when Munthali stopped working and resorted to selling household goods.
Mulenga said she got upset and stopped Munthali from selling household goods, but that he beat her up and told her that she had no respect for him.

Mulenga said her husband would always spend the whole day in clubs without bringing food for the children.
She said whenever she advised Munthali to find a job, he would threaten to divorce her.
Mulenga said she recently discovered a letter while sweeping indicating that Munthali had married another woman in the village and that he even paid part of the dowry for the woman in the village.

“He has been going for meetings with his relatives in the village and recently, he left our matrimonial house. Before leaving, he thanked me for staying with him, meaning that there is literally no marriage,” she said.
In passing judgment, Ms Nyendwa observed that Munthali was unfaithful to Mulenga because he had married another woman without her consent.
She granted the couple divorce, and ordered Munthali to compensate Mulenga with K2,000, starting with K400 followed by monthly instalments of K200 for maintaining the children, and that the property acquired together should be shared equally.