Man deserts wife, 3 triplets

Judge Mallet; Hammer
Judge Mallet; Hammer

THE Katondo Local Court heard how a man deserted his wife and triplets for six years in search of a job in Lusaka, where he married another woman.
Esnart Chalu, 35, a teacher narrated before magistrate Godfrey Naniyo and Diana Nkonde that her husband Kennedy Musakanya left the matrimonial home in 2010, in search for employment in Lusaka and never returned.

“When my husband left home, the triplets were only seven months old. He used to communicate from time to time but suddenly stopped. I was later informed by his niece that he had a kitchen party and wedding in Ndola,” Chalu said.
The couple got married in 2004, through a traditional ceremony and they stayed together until 2010, when Musakanya left for Lusaka in search of a job.
Chalu told the court that she informed his relatives about the matter but they were unwilling to assist her locate him.