PF has neglected Kaseba, says Sampa


FORMER first lady Dr Christine Kaseba Sata is still staying in Libala at her mother’s house because she has been neglected by the ruling party which has been hijacked, says her nephew Miles Sampa.

In 2015, Secretary to the Cabinet Roland Msiska revealed that Dr Kaseba had turned down several houses Government had identified for her and family on grounds that the properties did not provide her with privacy or the owners had changed their minds for unexplained reasons.
But Mr Sampa, who has endorsed UPND president Hakainde Hichilemam for the republican presidency in the August 11 elections, accused President Edgar Lungu and the Patriotic Front government of neglecting the former first lady and her children.
“The son of President Sata, Mulenga, has been rejected and he moved out of PF. As for me, I was told that I am just a nephew I can go; and the wife (to president Sata) stays in Libala,” Mr Sampa said.

He said even Guy Scott, ‘‘a white man who travelled everywhere with President Sata’’, has equally been forgotten by President Lungu.

Zambia Daily Nation


  1. Iwe ka kilometers Sampa neglected nabanani was she staying in libala before becoming first lady? why can’t she move back to her house in rhodes park? talk about issues that will take us forward as a country not petty issues about your family. if you feel she has been neglected by her a house or let her and your cousins move in with you. she was offered a number of houses by the government but she declined so what else do you want them to do. Why do you hate ECL so much kashi imwe mwebantu

  2. The PF as the ruling government is mandated to take care of Zambia as a Whole not a single person who’s already well to do financially like Madam kaseba.