Don’t dare me – Kamanga

Andrew Kamanga
Andrew kamanga

ANDREW Kamanga has warned FAZ committee members not to dare him to use his presidential powers.
And Kamanga says there will be stringent accountability measures at Football House.
In an interview, Kamanga, who is expected to name the FAZ general secretary today, has warned against any form of interference in the running of Football House.

“I wish to address those colleagues who lost elections to accept the results. Even those who won elections but are sympathetic of who those lost, I am not going to take interference kindly. I have information that people are busy going round under the guise of impeaching this executive which has not flouted any constitution…. Anyone who feels they are above FAZ laws will be very surprised. I will not hesitate to take action against those interfering with the running of the game,” Kamanga warned.

He said his consultative approach to management should not be mistaken for being weak.
“The president has a lot of powers in the constitution but I don’t want us to go to that level where I start using presidential powers. I would rather we continue on the consultative process which I think is the best way. My consultative approach should not be taken for being weak. We need to continuously build unlike me sitting alone and applying article 28 of the constitution and say I am the president and I will do as I please, if anything that is more dictatorial,” he said.
Kamanga said FAZ had worked as a unit and he did not expect any opposition to his appointment of general secretary.
Kamanga said FAZ opted to advertise the position of general secretary because they felt it would be the fairest way of getting the right person.

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